How to Style Your Living Room Furniture Around a Fireplace

How to Style Your Living Room Furniture Around a Fireplace

Nostalgic, romantic and charming, fireplaces have always been considered the heart of the home. They epitomise a call for gatherings, instil good cheer and inspire intimacy. But whether you have a roaring, wood-stoked hearth, a modern gas feature or just a decorative inglenook, they definitely create some tricky design issues. These are our hottest styling tips to help ignite your imagination on styling your living room around a fireplace.


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Maximising space when you have a fireplace

Including a fireplace in your living space is a worthy investment. They provide cheaper heating options and also increase the overall value of your home. However, large fireplaces can make a room look cluttered and cramped, so here are 5 things you can do to maximise your space.

1. Avoid bulky furniture sets. Instead, mix and match a feature piece with smaller items like footstools and side tables. We love the range by Eichholtz.

2. Go for anything elegant and airy with legs that elevate it above the floor. Flexform offer some wonderful options.

3. Create flow by planning definite walk-through areas.

4. Establish your layout around a specific focal point to create balance.

5. Select a colour scheme that brightens and elevates the room and avoid placing dark sofas on top of dark floors. Adding a bespoke rug is an excellent way to break up your floorspace - we are besotted with the customisable selection from Knot & Loop.

How to Style Your Living Room Furniture Around a Fireplace
How to Style Your Living Room Furniture Around a Fireplace


Top living room layout ideas when styling around a fireplace

When decorating around a fireplace, start by drawing up a comprehensive floor plan for an idea of how the room will look before you invest in the design elements. Here are some great layout ideas to get you started.

• If your living room is open plan, don’t block the fireplace off by boxing it in with seating. Choose a corner sofa unit that faces both the fireplace and the adjoining dining or kitchen space.

• If your living room is long and narrow with a fireplace at one end, open it up by creating two separate seating areas. Try placing smaller armchairs on either side of the fireplace facing the rest of the room. Include some artwork, a gorgeous floor cushion or a rug to make it extra cosy. Then add a sofa, ottomans and a stylish coffee table to the other end of the room orientated inwards towards the fireplace.

• If your sitting room is very small, make sure the fireplace becomes the focal point. A classic option would be to place a comfortable two-seater sofa on one side of it and two complimentary chairs on the other. A round coffee table will complete the look and allow ample floor space for easy movement.

• If your fireplace occupies a slanted corner wall, be a little daring by embracing the angle and placing your sofa parallel to the fireplace. Fill out the rest of the space with some accent pieces like a low coffee table, a pair of elegant stools or a simple bench.

• Fireplaces positioned in the centre of a long wall are perfect for creating a voluminous entertainment space with lots of seating for guests. Flank the fireplace with elegant shelving or built-in sideboards to create symmetry. Then place matching sofas or a large sofa and two substantial, upholstered chairs facing each other on either side of it. You can include simple benches directly in front of the fireplace to give guests a space to sit and warm up. 

How to Style Your Living Room Furniture Around a Fireplace
How to Style Your Living Room Furniture Around a Fireplace


How to incorporate a TV into a room with a fireplace

If you don’t have a separate entertainment space, you’ll need to find ways to work your living room furniture around the fireplace and a TV. Here are 2 tips to help you.

Styling a room with a TV above a fireplace

If your TV is directly above your fireplace, create a centralised space that accommodates both entertainment and social gatherings. Position your main sofa facing the TV and fireplace, making them the focal point of the room.

• Use complementary armchairs, stools or ottomans on either side of the sofa to form a U-shaped layout. This will help to add charm, warmth and a welcoming aesthetic.

• Choose a comfortable, luxurious leather or fabric sofa  and find stylish stools and upholstered armchairs you can really sink into.

• Create balance and symmetry by installing bookshelves or cabinets on either side of the fireplace. Fill them with ornaments to create interest.

• Leave your wall space clean and neutral.

• Make sure that your TV is perfectly placed for comfortable viewing.

Styling a room with a TV next to a fireplace

If you want to include a TV but still have your fireplace as the main focal point, position it to the side of the fireplace on a built-in wall unit or TV stand. .

• Add more cabinetry, a striking mirror or a bookshelf on the other wall to create balance.

• Paint the fireplace wall a dark colour. This will make it stand out while simultaneously blending the TV into the background.

• Place your main sofa opposite the fireplace and television, giving you a full view of both.

• Include chairs or stools and a low coffee table to complete the room but be careful not to overclutter.

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How to Style Your Living Room Furniture Around a Fireplace

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