How Can I Decorate My Dining Room Table When Not In Use?

Written by: Zoona Sikander, Interior Design Writer & Social Media Content Creator
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The centrepiece of gatherings and feasts, your dining table frequently lies idle between meals, presenting a wonderful opportunity to elevate the aesthetics of your home. 

So, if you’re keen for some wonderful ideas that answer the question, “how can I decorate my dining room table when not in use,” our expert team is here to help. 

The good news is that there are countless ways to approach this topic and, whether you enjoy minimalistic elegance or something more elaborate, inspiration is in abundance. 

In fact, once you view your dining table as more than just a food zone, its surface will become the ideal platform on which to showcase your favourite things. 

From art pieces and flowers to candles and runners, jazzing up your empty tabletop will create a visual masterpiece, making your entire room unquestionably stylish. 

How Can I Decorate My Dining Room Table When Not In Use

Join us as our top designers tell you how to bring this space to life with stunning tablescape concepts that will tickle you pink. 

7 dining table decor ideas for between mealtimes

1. Have fun with vases

Vases are a versatile and beautiful way to decorate a dining table. Aside from being a vessel for flowers, they come in many shapes and sizes, making them artworks that bring a touch of class to your ensemble. 

From bold, earthy statement pieces like the Jana vase by Cappellini to the sleek profile of the Oslo collection by Frato Interiors, the choices are endless.  

Make a bigger impact by using more than one and consider mixing and matching different sizes and textures for extra appeal. 

To echo your home’s stylistic approach, opt for designs that compliment your existing decor in colours that enhance the room. And remember that if you choose something really spectacular, adding fresh flowers is merely an option.  

2. Add fruit for a burst of colour

Instead of reserving fruit just for our dinner plates, why not use it to add vibrancy to your tablescape?

Offering a plethora of radiant colours and mouth-watering scents, it’s the perfect way to elevate a minimalistic setting. 

From the glorious yellows and oranges of citrus to glossy red apples and luscious green grapes, fruit provides a natural (and tempting) feast for the eyes.

And, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, playing around with interesting vegetables is also an option. Think artichokes and colourful bell peppers to name but a few. 

If you do decide to go this route, freshness is of the essence. And make sure that you find an attractive bowl, basket, tiered stand or even lazy Susan to display them on. It’s the perfect addition to stylish round tables like the Soho collection by Cattelan Italia.

3. Go rustic with dried foliage

Creating a table centrepiece from dried foliage or pampas grass will give an earthy, autumnal feel to your dining space. 

The advantage of this type of decor is that it lasts for several months, meaning that you don’t have to replace it as often as you would fresh flowers.

For extra visual interest, arrange the stems in something textured or rustic like a rattan basket or an earthenware vase. Or add extra warmth by using a copper jug or churn. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are mindful of your other accessories like napkin rings and cutlery - you don’t want to mix materials that may clash. 


How Can I Decorate My Dining Room Table When Not In Use
How Can I Decorate My Dining Room Table When Not In Use


4. Showcase your collectables

Your dining table is the ideal space on which to display special items that you may have collected on your travels or curated over time. 

From bold artistic sculptures to beautiful bowls, trays, pottery pieces and figurines, they make perfect conversation starters and add a touch of personality to your ensemble. 

If you’re going to use more than one object, work in threes to make sure that they look beautifully balanced. You should also vary them in terms of height, form and size to ensure a more dynamic look. 

5. Light it up with candles

To create a festive, cohesive vibe for the holiday season or to infuse your space with a sense of intimacy, consider adding candles of different shapes and sizes. It’s a wonderful way to bring warmth, ambiance and dimension to your ensemble and will soften the overall mood of your room.  

Scented candles add a gentle aroma, allowing guests to feel relaxed, cosy and at ease. 

Mix and match your decor by including things like long-stem flowers or other items of different heights for extra depth and interest. It’s all about using your artistic flair to create an inviting space that sets the stage for the feast to come. 

6. Decorate from above with a low-hanging pendant

One of the best ways to create a focal point in your dining room is to opt for a unique, eye-catching lighting fixture above your table. 

From glam chandeliers like the Boivin by Eichholtz to elegant pendants like the Gocce by Bonaldo, they tie the room together and add a sense of luxury. 

Browse our contemporary range for illuminating collections in eye-catching designs, shapes, and sizes. Naturally sourced materials like rattan, bamboo, glass and wood are currently on-trend and contribute towards sustainability in the modern home.

Before you decide what fixture to get, take into account your dining room’s scale and natural light. We advise that you use a central pendant or clusters for round or square tables and opt for a linear suspension for longer formats. 

If you want your illumination to have more depth, create layers by using wall sconces and table lamps in addition to your main source. And remember to ask your specialist to include dimmers so that you can adjust the brightness to suit your mood.


7. Bring out your book collection

If you’re a bit of a bookworm and have a collection of interesting paperbacks, use them to add decorative touches to your dining table. This is also a great way to transform your space into a reading nook when it's not being used for meals.

To create visually appealing vignettes, consider arranging some colourful copies with other decorative elements like vases, curios, or bowls.

Stacking the books on a tray or atop a couple of pretty boxes can help to give the display some height and visibility. It’s also a fun way to showcase your interests, whether they be art, photography, or literature.

In Conclusion

Styling your dining table top doesn’t have to be laborious or time-consuming. In fact, it gives you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles and have some fun with your decor. 

Using adaptable ideas that can be switched up to suit both special occasions and changing seasons, you’re sure to have a magazine-worthy home interior in no time. And, if you’re clever about it, you’ll be able to enhance the overall functionality of your room at the same time, giving your space a more polished aesthetic. 

If you’re feeling inspired and are on the prowl for a beautiful luxury dining table, we have a range that will tickle you pink. Sourced from some of the top manufacturers in the world, you can select the size, finish and materials of your choice, ensuring that you find one you’ll fall in love with. 

To find out more, get in touch today or visit our spectacular showroom where our expert team will help you pick out the perfect piece. Don’t forget to match it with a gorgeous set of contemporary dining chairs for a well-considered look.

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