What Pieces of Furniture Should Be in a Dining Room?

What Pieces of Furniture Should Be in a Dining Room?

Whether you enjoy hosting intimate family dinners or larger gatherings, knowing which furniture to include in your dining room design will help you style it effectively, making mealtimes relaxed and enjoyable. To help you get this right, our expert team has compiled a list of essential items, enabling you to curate everything you need for a beautifully composed space.

Identifying your dining room furniture needs

In order to make the right decisions when buying dining room furniture, it's important to define its purpose. Asking yourself the following questions: 

    • Are you working with a separate room or an open-concept area?
    • How often do you use it?
    • Is it specifically for eating in or does it also serve as a home office?
    • Do you consider it a formal entertainment space or will the whole family be enjoying it?
    • Do you have young children?
    • What is your furniture style?

Different furniture options for your dining space

A well-considered dining area should contain a balance between key furniture items and great accent pieces. There are the things you should be considering:

      • Table 
      • Chairs
      • Storage units
      • Rugs 
      • Mirrors
      • Statement lighting

Every component should fit seamlessly together, ensuring that their genre, colour palette and materials complement each other, perfectly combining both function and form.  Here's a breakdown of what to look out for: 


Usually the focal point of any dining area, your choice of table will set the foundation for the rest of your room and should be influenced by the size and purpose of your space as well as your personal style preferences. We suggest you take the following into account:

        • Dimensions: Find one that is big enough to accommodate your average number of guests but leaves enough space for a chair to be pulled out and for people to walk around it with ease. 
        • Shape: A round table is ideal if you're creating a relaxed environment where people can dine at ease while engaging in convivial conversation. They are also excellent space-savers. Rectangular profiles are better suited for more formal occasions and come in versions that can seat 12 or more guests, creating a more traditonal aesthetic for those who love refinement. Take a look at the magnificent Ginza design by Longhi for inspiration.  
        • Materials: Wood is always a safe choice, especially if you love classic design. However, if you're on the hunt for a chic, contemporary feel, we recommend you opt for glass. For those outside-the-box thinkers, consider something by Cattelan Itallia - with signature table materials that include CrystalArt, Keramik and a combination of Keramik and wood, they're a standout investment.
        • Bonus features: Some versions come with built-in extension mechanisms, allowing you to expand its surface area should you have unexpected visitors. 


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As we discussed in our last post, you don't necessarily have to match your dining tables and chairs as a set but it's imperative that they go together seamlessly. Here are some useful tips:

            • Ergonomics: You'll probably be seated for a couple of hours at a time, so lumbar support and plush cushioning are fundamental. 
            • Upholstery: Whether you have youngsters or just enjoy a glass of red wine, dining rooms can be disaster zones. To mitigate this, we suggest you choose a fabric that can be easily cleaned. 

Here's a quick review of one of our favourites, the Astrid dining chair by Porada:


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Storage units

If you're the perfect host, then you'll appreciate the importance of having your dining room components conveniently at hand. These nifty additions will help you do just that:

              • Sideboards are a staple and provide an all-important storage solution for your crockery, cutlery and tableware. They can also be used as a serving station and are perfect for displaying ornaments, vases and other decorative items. Whether you want something sleek and modern like the Katana collection by Dall'Agnese, or prefer a more classic feel, FCI London has something for everyone.
              • Drinks cabinets add a sense of refinement to your ensemble. With plenty of space for bottles, decanters, glasses and bar tools, they allow you to keep the beverages flowing without having to leave your guests.


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Rugs play a number of very specific roles in a dining space and should be considered a necessity. Here are some of their advantages:

                          • With their ability to pull a room together, they're an excellent way to consolidate your style.
                          • They define your dining area which is particularly useful in open-concept homes.
                          • If timber is your main choice of material, a rug can break up the wood-on-wood monotony between your flooring, table and chairs. 
                          • They add a pop of colour to your space and act as a focal point. 
                          • Capable of absorbing sound and providing warmth underfoot, they increase the overall comfort of your dining experience. 

Take advantage of our partnership with master weavers Knot & Loop and have one designed to your exact specifications.

What Pieces of Furniture Should Be in a Dining Room?
What Pieces of Furniture Should Be in a Dining Room?



Both decorative and functional, a mirror will infuse your room with additional illumination, making it look bigger and more welcoming. Here are some clever placement options:  

                          • If your dining area has windows, hang the mirror opposite them in order to bounce the light back into the room.
                          • For spaces with no view of the outdoors, use them to reflect the glow from a chandelier to make it brighter.
                          • The larger the mirror, the more expansive your area will look. 

Statement lighting

A wonderful way to set the mood, lighting is a key element in any room. Consider installing different types to create a layered effect and use dimmers so that you can turn them down for romantic evenings and up if you're feeding the family. Here are a few versions to choose from:

Ambient lighting: This will illuminate your entire room and provide a focal point above your table. Pendants and chandeliers are ideal and add a touch of pizzazz to your ensemble. 

Accent lighting: Use wall sconces to highlight artwork or to create a sense of warmth and intimacy. We love the classic feel of the Romeo range by Eichholtz.

Task lighting:floor or table lamp will provide optimal visibility when you carve a Sunday roast or pour drinks for your guests. 

Fancy a Sofa in the Dining Room?

Yes, it's a thing. But before you rush out to find one think about what you're using it for. Here's some advice from our top designers:

Place a sofa and side table in a spacious dining room so that guests can relax over a drink before they have their meal. 

If you want to use it as a form of table seating, find one that has a firm structure so that your guests don't sink into it while they eat. 

For a more space-saving seating solution, get a stylish bench instead. We recommend the Menu option by Sancal. 


Dining rooms come in all shapes and sizes, but its basic furniture needs are the same. At FCI London, we've curated some of the finest tables, chairs, sideboards and accessories available and can customise them to suit your style. Make an appointment to visit our showroom today and our expert team will help you find exactly what you're looking for. 


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