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sitting benz furniture at FCI London

FCI London is proud to announce the addition of the renowned brand, Sitting Benz, to its diverse furniture collection.

This brand leverages significant research on evolving global trends, which has helped it combine art with functionality and exceptional design to create armchairs, recliners and sofas that are unique and comfortable.

The Sitting Benz Story

Since its inception in 1955, as a family business, Sitting Benz has been focused on channelling its knowledge and expertise for the efficient manufacturing of armchairs, and sofas. The brand’s exceptional strength has been its ability to continuously progress in the furniture industry for the past six decades.

Sitting Benz has ensured that it produces items that have remarkable qualities and features to cater to the modern world demands. This development within the company has allowed Sitting Benz to achieve a leadership position in the market. It has also helped establish a loyal clientele that does not buy these products from any other brand. The brand’s asset since its inception has been the design proficiencies within the company. As a result, it has been a formidable player in the furniture market and is able to guarantee its customers’ furniture pieces that unquestionably meet all their requirements. Sitting Benz has also been the winner in the furniture category for the Lakerveld Lifestyle Trade Magazine Award 2013, which stands as a testament to the brand’s exceptional reputation and performance within this industry.

sitting benz furniture at FCI London

Sitting Benz attaches great importance to efficacy and muted elegance that translates into designs that are revolutionary. The company has for many years, realised the significance of the efficiency of the processes regarding product development and product design, and as a consequence, the team is perpetually scouting for ingenious and ergonomic solutions that are consumer-friendly. The brand uses flexible approaches to create its products. The production process at Sitting Benz that results in its remarkable furniture pieces is a mergeance of solid craftsmanship and advanced methods of technology. This has allowed their products to be created from a very high level of expertise and productivity. The brand offers consumers an unmatched product diversity to suit almost any style. The infamous reclining chair manufactured by Sitting Benz can be almost entirely customised according to the personal preferences and requirements of a consumer and these customer-specific orders are manufactured in a mere seven days.

sitting benz furniture at FCI London

Sitting Benz has collaborated with numerous designers who share the same ideology as the brand. These designers, along with the product development team at Sitting Benz, tirelessly work together to come up with new ideas to create a product that is distinct yet outstanding. The close collaboration of the design and product development team is an essential component of the brand’s ability to manufacture best-in-class furniture. Only once the design and product development teams are in agreement that a specific product will bring the utmost comfort to its consumer, will it be authorised as market ready. Hence, the teams combine their knowledge and expertise to create a product that provides the ultimate in comfortability, is ergonomic and adheres to the modern world trends and tastes of its customers.

Taking a glance at any product manufactured by Sitting Benz offers a harmonious point of relatability that resonates with its customers. This natural ambience is the essence of the products designed at Sitting Benz as every single item is a timeless piece with a functional design. The designers at Sitting Benz create concepts where a clear concept of form and function are harmoniously united.

sitting benz furniture at FCI London

If you are searching for a recliner that comes with a heart balance feature, FCI London has the ideal product by Sitting Benz for you. The Twice Recliner 106 manufactured by Sitting Benz comes with a backrest and footrest along with three motors that help in adjustments of the seat according to a customer’s requirement. This recliner is specifically created to reduce pressure on the heart through the instilled Heart Balance feature. This recliner is available in various colours which gives you the freedom to choose a colour that not only brings comfort to your eyes but also complements the interior of the room you intend to set it up in. This article by Sitting Benz is capable of being customised to every extent as the brand allows the customers to choose a size they are comfortable with. In addition to this, there are many options for the recliner bases which you can choose according to your preference – trendy or laid back the choice is yours. There are more than 50 recliners that come in different shapes, sizes and colours for you to choose from. These recliner chairs can be the perfect option for your work-from-home office as these have ergonomic principles firmly at the centre of its design. Not only will this recliner seat be comfortable to sit in for long hours, but it will also help in the prevention of neck, back and shoulder pains, which is a prevalent issue in non-ergonomic designs.

sitting benz furniture at FCI London

Another very comfortable seating system by Sitting Benz called Naples English is also available in a plethora of colours. This seating system comprises sofas and armchairs, which is available with a low or high back according to the specific requirements of the customer. The addition of the Maya Hocker English table manufactured by Sitting Benz to this seating system can provide you with the ultimate, comfortable lounging arrangement for your living space. The fabric and the colour of all these items can be chosen according to your preference to enable you to add an alluring charm to your space.

Every product manufactured by Sitting Benz is made for maximum comfort without compromise. These pieces are made out of premium leather and the finest materials that will prove to be a timeless investment for you. If you’re someone who is looking for products that have a strong emphasis on comfort, Sitting Benz is the company for you. We, at FCI London, assure you that the innovative design and functionality of all the items available from Sitting Benz will bring you pleasure and comfort for years to come.

Explore Sitting Benz at FCI London today!

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