FCI’s Top 5 Decorative Zehnder Radiators for Winter Warmth

FCI’s Top 5 Decorative Zehnder Radiators for Winter Warmth

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” – John Steinbeck

We all crave warmth. It’s a human condition. And, mid-winter, there’s nothing more comforting than grabbing a beautifully toasty towel off a bathroom radiator. Or snuggling up next to a state-of-the-art unit in your sitting room while ensconced in a great read. “State-of-the-art radiator?” I hear you ask. Yes, they exist! Elegant and stylish, the decorative Zehnder range is beyond compare, keeping us comfortable in any weather and adding elements of high-end design to your spaces. Read on to find out more about why they’re the hottest thing this season.

FCI’s Top 5 Decorative Zehnder Radiators for Winter Warmth

Why we love Zehnder

Established in Switzerland in 1912, Zehnder was initially famous for producing light motorcycles. But after inventing the first steel tubular radiator in 1930 followed by the bathroom radiator in 1979, they fast become one of Europe’s top innovators. Today they focus on promoting healthy, environmentally sustainable indoor climate solutions for the modern home. Here are five reasons to love them.

1. They design the most energy efficient radiators on the global market.

2. They have a strong interest in the sustainability of the planet.

3. They are pioneers in their field with research and development as core ideals.

4. Their focus is on clean heating methodologies that encourage wellness.

5. They work with top designers to merge high-tech functionality with graceful form, making their products must-have additions to your décor.


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About Zehnder’s decorative radiators

The nature of a radiator requires the occupation of space. Lots of it. So what genius it was to decide to make a feature of them. To show them off as art pieces rather than eyesores. And that’s one of the things Zehnder radiators do best. They have taken a lifestyle requirement and made it attractive and timeless, seamlessly integrating them into different styles and making them desirable. From Zehnder’s perspective, heat is about so much more than just increments - it’s about elevating the comfort of home living. And, whether it’s a heated bathroom towel rack or a decorative radiator for any space, they’ve achieved just that. Combining performance, durability and fine aesthetics, their creations, in a myriad of colours and shapes, infuse every room in the house with bags of personality.

Our top 5 favourite Zehnder radiators

If we had to narrow it down to just five of our favourites, here they are.


The stunning Roda radiator is designed to be used on a central heating system. It features a hot-air booster fan that can be operated independently at the touch of a button – a clever inclusion for warming towels. Available in white and a selection of vibrant colours, it’s a fun addition to any bathroom.


The beautiful, symmetrical Yucca radiator is available in a double or single tubed format in white, chrome or a choice of available colours. Use it as an oil-filled electric radiator, with an immersion heater during summer months or install it on your central heating system. It also comes with a stylish mirror option, making it ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and entrance halls.

FCI’s Top 5 Decorative Zehnder Radiators for Winter Warmth
FCI’s Top 5 Decorative Zehnder Radiators for Winter Warmth

Charleston Relax

Zehnder really do think of everything when it comes to merging lifestyle with purpose. Perfect for hallways, dressing rooms, bedrooms and more, its classic shape and thoughtful seat make the Charleston Relax radiator an absolute winner.


Made-to-measure either in horizontal or vertical forms and with single or double tubes, the Altai radiator is a stylish, versatile addition to any contemporary home. Connecting directly to your central heating, it meets all the requirements of a flawless, state-of-the-art unit. It comes in an array of colours including a metallic version for a more industrial look.

FCI’s Top 5 Decorative Zehnder Radiators for Winter Warmth
FCI’s Top 5 Decorative Zehnder Radiators for Winter Warmth


Compact yet powerful, the Stratos radiator combines optimal performance with value for money. Its laser welded fins bring elegance to its aesthetics and positioned as a floor or wall installation, it adds class and refinement to any room.

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