Best Cattelan Italia Dining Chairs for Modern Dining Spaces

It’s impossible for a dining table to shine without the right dining chairs to complement it. In some ways, dining chairs are the most important part of the dining space as they contribute the most to comfort. They also bring personality and character to your dining area and there’s no brand that does a better job at this than Cattelan Italia.

Sturdy, versatile and stylish, Cattelan Italia's contemporary dining chairs are well suited to be paired with any Cattelan Italia dining table and other luxury dining tables.  

What Makes Cattelan Italia Dining Chairs Special?

No matter how good your dining chairs look, if they’re not comfortable, they will never contribute to a pleasant dining experience. We have a wide range of luxury dining chairs to choose from, but since comfort is the most important factor, we always recommend Cattelan Italia dining chairs as they tick that box beautifully. 

Made from high-end steel and wood structures, these chairs are covered with the most premium quality polyurethane foam in variable density padding and belts in elastic bands that make them feel new even after years of use. 


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Cattelan Italia dining chairs add the type of grandeur that you want in a contemporary dining space. Without going overboard in bold detailing or stealing the limelight from the dining table, these chairs add a touch of luxury to your room. 

Cattelan Italia offers more than 50 dining chairs, each with a unique style and design. Yet, they all share the characteristic, minimalistic vibe that Cattelan Italia is known for.

Despite being simple in terms of design, the quality of the materials shines through each of these chairs and makes them an integral part of your dining experience. 

Here are our top picks from their amazing collection:

Best High-Backed Dining Chairs

Because Cattelan Italia offers a large range of dining chairs, you can always find the perfect chair based on your personal preferences.

For example, if you wish for a high-backed chair in a  minimalist style, then the Lara, Aurelia and Nina dining chairs are all excellent options.

On the other hand, Norma and Kay dining chairs are popular among those who appreciate fine detailing, as both these chairs come with quilted seatbacks. 

Best Overall (According to Our Designers)

The Magda dining chair is one of our best-selling dining chairs, as it features a sturdy, solid wood structure and a simple yet elegant design that blends well in any type of interior setting. The seat and back of this chair are upholstered in leather or fabric, both available in multiple styles and colours. Like most Cattelan Italia dining chairs, Magda is available in two versions, with and without armrests. 

Best Dining Chair with Matching Barstools and Armchairs

Another reason for Cattelan Italia being such a popular choice amongst our clients and interior designers is that they’re well-suited for open-plan kitchen and dining areas. 

The Flaminia dining chairs perfectly complement the Flaminia barstools, both of which come with a swivelling base structure in a stunning design. 

Similarly the Magda dining chair is also available in other versions, including armchairs and barstools. Many clients choose the same chairs and barstools designs for their open plan space but customise the covers' colours to differ or contrast each other. This flexibility allows them to create a cohesive look where the products complement each other instead of clashing.

You can find here a complete list of our favourite matching dining chairs and barstool sets. 

Most Ergonomic Dining Chair

The Ginger dining chair is one of our most beloved Cattelan Italia dining chairs. It comes in a unique design that seems to be inviting one for a hug. The back is slightly curved for ergonomic support and the chair is available in a multitude of colours and finishes. 

Browse All Cattelan Italia Dining Chairs

Summing Up

When it comes to luxury dining furniture, Cattelan Italia is usually the first name to come up as the brand has been manufacturing the most beautiful, long-lasting luxury furniture since 1979. Cattelan Italia dining chairs follow the same principles while offering unmatched comfort and durability.

The chairs are designed to be paired with any of the Cattelan Italia dining tables but due to their simple designs, they can also easily be matched with luxury dining tables from other brands. 

If you prefer buying dining chairs with armrests, then it would be best to choose one from this list of the most versatile Cattelan Italia armchairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do Cattelan Italia dining chairs cost?

Cattelan Italia dining chairs start at around £400 and can go up to £1200. The exact price of a chair depends on the material and finishes you choose.

Q. How can I order Cattelan Italia dining chairs in the UK? 

You can order Cattelan Italia dining chairs through our website or book a showroom visit for free interior design consultation. Our Cattelan Italia experts will guide you in choosing the best dining chair for your space. As the official Cattelan Italia UK stockist, we have all the Cattelan Italia dining chairs available at the best prices. 

Q. Can Cattelan Italia dining chairs be customised? 

Most Cattelan Italia dining chairs can be customised as multiple finishes are available for the frame and many different fabrics and leather colours are available. Cattelan Italia also offers different types of leather for dining chairs and you can find all these samples in our showroom

Q. Are Cattelan Italia dining chairs comfortable?

Every Cattelan Italia dining chair is made from premium quality materials, and after months of research, to create an incredibly comfortable, ergonomic chair that provides good back support. Many dining chairs are also available with armrests for added comfort. 

Q. What materials are used in Cattelan Italia dining chairs?

Most Cattelan Italia dining chairs come in either a solid wood frame or embossed steel, both of which are available in multiple finishes. The seats are upholstered in leather or fabric,

which can be selected from the sample cards available at our showroom. The seat covers are not removable. 








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