The Different Styles Of Luxury Dining Tables And Chairs Available

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The Different Styles Of Luxury Dining Tables And Chairs Available

If you want to create a memorable dining experience for your guests and yourself, it's important to explore the different styles of luxury dining tables and chairs available.

Consider the style of your home and adjacent rooms, the intended use of the dining room furniture, and the type of guests you'll be hosting.

Whether it's a cosy space for intimate gatherings with friends, a place to impress business associates or a warm family dining room, customise it to meet your needs. Read on as we discuss the most common styles to choose for your space.

1. Traditional Style Dining Furniture: Classic And Timeless

The classic dining room is a representation of luxury and sophistication. It's the epitome of all fine dining and the perfect choice upon entering this space, you are greeted with a clean colour scheme and timeless silhouettes, wall and ceiling mouldings, and fine chinaware.

Guests will be in awe of how it's always kept so immaculate. The furniture is elegant, the chairs are beautifully upholstered in timeless materials, and the accents are kept simple – this bouquet is perfect.

This type of dining room is where special family dinners are served, including the annual Christmas feast. This style works best in spacious homes and typically includes a China cabinet and grand silhouettes.

Choosing a large rectangular table like our Wallace Dining Table with stunning chairs that fit perfectly under the table, is ideal, especially if living in a family home.


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2. Modern Style Dining Furniture: Clean Lines And Minimalism

For a modern and contemporary look in your dining room, opt for clean and simple design elements. Despite being sleek, the room can still have character and interest through the use of colour, pattern, furniture, and accessories.

Don't be afraid to go bold with deep and dramatic colours, “I love dramatic and evocative dining rooms,” says FCI Interior Designer Lauren Austin. “Consider dark browns, reds, and rusts, or try a coloured ceiling with dim wall lighting and fresh flowers.”

To maintain a modern and minimalist look in a small dining area, minimise furniture and focus on the table and decorations.

Lighting plays a crucial role in a modern dining room. Consider a sculptural pendant fixture to add style and function to your space. Modern pendant lighting is right on-trend, with many affordable and stylish options available in various styles, sizes, and finishes.

To complement the modern look, ensure your other furniture is also in line with your desired style. “We always like to squeeze a sideboard into a dining room when space allows,” says Lauren. A sideboard is not only a great storage solution for serving but also a place to display low-level lamps, flowers, and candles.

3. Contemporary Style Dining Furniture: The Latest In Design Trends

The Contemporary dining room style is all about simplicity and functionality, with a touch of sophistication. It combines clean lines with organic shapes, giving the space a unique and modern look.

Styling a contemporary space gives you the freedom to bend the norms of designs, allowing you to blend comfort and elegance. The focus is on the meal itself and not on excessive design elements. This style is characterised by statement seating and modern materials like upholstered chairs and a marble table.

These dining rooms are filled with natural light and neutral tones, making them comfortable and inviting. The tableware is carefully chosen to showcase the food in the best way possible. Overall, the contemporary dining room is an effortless blend of comfort and style.

We recommend pairing our Marquina Marble Dining Table with striking upholstered chairs for a rich, bold and timeless look that will last for years.

The Different Styles Of Luxury Dining Tables And Chairs Available
The Different Styles Of Luxury Dining Tables And Chairs Available


4. Art Deco Style Dining Furniture: Glamorous And Opulent

Art Deco is a style of interior design characterised by luxurious colours, bold shapes, and intricate detailing.

In an art decor dining room, the goal is to create a dramatic and eye-catching atmosphere. The design elements include the use of exotic woods, geometric patterns, high-shine surfaces, and elaborate details. The furniture should be striking and have large proportions, while the upholstery should be kept simple to maintain a sophisticated look.

The materials used should be high-quality and reflective, and lighting is an important aspect. A standout crystal chandelier, like the Sorrento Chandelier by FCI Custom Lighting, can add a dazzling touch to the room. The dining experience should be a show itself, so don't hesitate to go all out with the decor and table arrangements.

Add our glamorous Clubhouse Brass Finish Dining Chair to your tables for added style and sophistication.

5. Mid-Century Modern Style Dining Furniture: A Touch Of Nostalgia

Mid-Century Modern is a timeless style characterised by its simplicity, functionality, and organic shapes. It was popularised in the 1940s and continues to be a popular choice today. Smooth lines, little decoration, and soft, frequently asymmetrical curves define this style. With timeless appeal, it’s easy to work this style into your home, particularly in your dining room.

It’s a piece of bespoke furniture with a practical design that emphasises organic and geometric shapes. The materials used are often a mix of traditional and non-traditional elements, chosen for their beauty and practicality.

Other defining features of Mid-Century Modern design include low-slung seating, chairs with plastic shells, lounge areas that create a cocooning feel, tables and dressers with tapered or hairpin legs, matte finishes, and plain surfaces but with unique design flourishes.

This style is fresh, whilst having a retro feel. Dedicated to comfort and functionality, with a design that is beautiful and seemingly timeless. The focus is on highlighting the materials used, believing that form should follow function.

6. Rustic Style Dining Furniture: Natural And Earthy

The rustic style is characterised by its warm and inviting atmosphere, achieved through the use of rich materials and natural elements. Carpentry is a primary element, with joints and hardware on display for an artisanal touch, while organic accents and colours contribute to the harmonious look. The use of wood and leather, as well as unrefined metal, add to the imperfect and raw aesthetic of the style.

This style is a popular choice for dining rooms, as it creates a warm and cosy environment for easy conversation. It is known for its familiar and welcoming feel, making it a comfortable alternative to more formal designs. The rustic style is well suited for an open plan layout but will also work for cosy spaces, and the relaxed furniture and tableware add to the overall comfort of the space.

With FCI's interior design services, achieving a rustic dining room style is made easy. Our team of expert design consultants are ready to help you choose the perfect pieces. From rustic wooden dining tables to comfortable upholstered dining chairs, we offer a wide range of options to fit any design aesthetic.

The Different Styles Of Luxury Dining Tables And Chairs Available
The Different Styles Of Luxury Dining Tables And Chairs Available


7. Industrial Style Dining Furniture: Raw And Edgy

The industrial-style dining room offers warmth to the home with its use of reclaimed wood and metallic accents, blending industrial and rustic elements. The trend of using raw and recycled materials in dining spaces is popular.

The mix of warm wood tones and bold black metal is a stunning combination that instantly captures the industrial style. Our stunning Stratos Wood Fixed Table by Cattelan Italia will provide your dining space with the perfect combination of elegance and that atmospheric rustic look. With its contrasted textures, it adds an extra bit of charm.

To achieve the contrasting look of wood and black, use warm wood accents with clear glass and black metal. Clear glass provides a lighter feel in an industrial style that can sometimes be dark, while glass with the black metal still maintains the industrial aesthetic.

For a modern touch, style with simple contemporary chairs and a minimalist table. Add a unique industrial touch with a dome pendant with a rough, rusty finish. Keep surfaces simple to let the weathered copper and natural wood accents stand out. Bring in some greenery for a fresh, airy space.

8. Artisan Style Dining Furniture: Unique And Handcrafted

The artisan style emphasises unique, handmade decor over mass-produced items. This style is full of stories and memories, such as hand-woven curtains from India or a pottery piece from an artist's loft in Soho.

In the dining room, handmade furnishings reflect your style and allow you to create the perfect look for your space. When decorating your dining room with artisan pieces, it's best to have a few key items as the centre of attention, such as a statement rug, a unique dining table or a striking painting.

To keep the look cohesive, try having neutral backgrounds, such as natural wood floors, light walls and white curtains, to highlight the colourful artisan pieces. Alternatively, you can opt for a harmonious colour scheme to tie everything together. The artisan style allows for a mix of unique pieces from different places, supporting small businesses and artists.

9. Eclectic Style Dining Furniture: A Mix Of Different Styles And Periods

For those who want to break away from the neutral dining room, eclectic style offers the perfect solution. In an eclectic dining room, there are no limitations to what type of dining table, chairs, or colour scheme to use. Mixing rustic and modern elements, such as a wooden dining table and moulded plastic chairs, is just one example of how to achieve this unique style.

If your home is all about reflecting your personality, then it is safe to say that the formal, neutral dining room will not tick your boxes. Instead, turn to the eclectic decor style which will allow you to combine diverse decor elements and blend contrasting styles.

The trend of adding colourful chairs to the dining room is a simple yet effective way to add life to a neutral backdrop. By using bold, eye-catching hues, you can create a lively atmosphere without having to make a permanent commitment to the colour. So if you're looking to bring your personality into your home, an eclectic dining room is a great way to do it.

For a pop of colour, the bold Rainbow Dining Chairs by Cappellini will be perfect additions to an eclectic dining space.

The Different Styles Of Luxury Dining Tables And Chairs Available
The Different Styles Of Luxury Dining Tables And Chairs Available


10. Custom Style Dining Furniture: Tailored To Your Taste And Needs

Investing in luxury custom dining room furniture can have numerous benefits for your home. Firstly, designers create custom furniture to fit your space, ensuring that the pieces look seamless and perfect in the room.

Secondly, the attention to detail and high-quality materials used in custom furniture can result in pieces that are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting. You may also build a dining room that truly expresses your taste by using custom dining room furniture created to fit your particular aesthetic preferences and design.

Furthermore, by investing in custom furniture, you are supporting local artisans and craftsmen, ensuring that your home is filled with unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Overall, luxury custom dining room furniture brings a level of sophistication and style to your home and makes entertaining and dining a special experience.

At FCI, we understand that every home is unique, so we offer a vast range of designer furniture tailored to your needs. From size and material to finish and style, we will help you create a one-of-a-kind space.

In our showroom, you can view an exquisite collection of unique custom dining room pieces and sets from renowned furniture brands.

Until Next Time

In summary, the style of your luxury dining table and chairs can influence the appearance and atmosphere of your dining room. Regardless of whether you prefer a timeless, traditional look or a sleek, modern design, there is a style that will fit your taste and enhance your home decor.

With the right dining furniture, you can create a space perfect for entertaining guests, hosting family dinners, or enjoying meals with loved ones. From traditional and classic designs to modern and contemporary styles, as well as rustic and artisanal options, there is a wide range of styles to choose from.

FCI offers a variety of dining furniture made from different materials, some of which can be seen in our extensive portfolio showcasing over forty years of designing some of the UK's most beautiful spaces.

If you need help choosing the right furniture for your dining area, we are here to assist. Schedule a consultation or get in touch with us, either online or in person, and one of our knowledgeable design specialists will work with you to transform your space from start to finish, taking into account every detail.

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