The Design Process For Creating A Custom Luxury Dining Table And Chairs

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The Design Process For Creating A Custom Luxury Dining Table And Chair

The design process for creating a custom luxury dining table and chairs is a lot like that of designing a tailored suit jacket. It fits your specific needs and preferences.

Rather than settling for off-the-shelf options, you can design dining tables and dining chairs that perfectly fit your dining room. Don't be intimidated by the process; embrace your creativity and let your imagination run wild.

Whether you took inspiration for your dream room from your vision or a magazine, you can make it a reality during the design process. The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity lead the way.

1. Design Inspiration: Finding the right aesthetic for your custom dining set

Design inspiration plays a role in creating the ideal aesthetic for a custom dining set. Utilising design inspiration, you can identify styles and details that appeal to you and bring your vision to reality.

When starting your search for design inspiration, examine different design styles and examples of dining sets within those styles. When assessing pay attention to components like colour, substance, and form. Decide what elements you like and dislike.

When planning your dining set, it is vital to consider these points:

Your custom dining set should reflect both your personal and aesthetic tastes. Take note of the mood or atmosphere you want to create in the dining room and draw inspiration from other designs.

Look for details, the neckline shape or the colour of a throw pillow, and incorporate these elements in your dining set. Finally, don't be afraid to be creative and explore new ideas. The best design often results from a mix of different styles and elements that come together harmoniously.


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2. Collaboration with a designer: A guide to the process

At FCI, collaboration with clients is at the core of our design process. We consider aesthetic form, human ergonomics, and manufacturing processes to develop products customised to our customer’s lives.

When our design team has the privilege of coming face to face with our clients, they carefully consider their space, gleaning inspiration from sketches and adding their twist. As a result, every collaboration yields a unique piece.

FCI interior designer Ricardo Jarjoura shares tips that will help you ensure a successful collaboration.

The Design Process For Creating A Custom Luxury Dining Table And Chair
The Design Process For Creating A Custom Luxury Dining Table And Chair


3. Design sketching and rendering: Bringing your ideas to life

Design sketching and rendering are powerful tools for bringing your furniture design ideas to life. They allow you to quickly visualise your design concepts, experiment with different styles, and make changes before going into production.

So, whether you're embarking on a new project or looking to revamp your existing space, FCI is here to help you bring your vision to life. Contact us today to learn more about our luxury interior design services and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced designers.

4. Selecting materials for your custom dining set

When choosing materials for a custom dining set, it's crucial to consider various factors that will impact the final look, durability, and functionality of the piece of furniture. There are several popular materials used in luxury dining furniture:


One of the most widely used materials for dining furniture, wood is known for its hard-wearing properties and versatility. It can be finished in different styles, from distressed to a high gloss, and can be made more decorative with carving, inlay, or marquetry. Consider modern designs like this Arlekin Dining Chair by Porada.


A veneer is a thin slice of wood attached to a solid panel to form a piece of furniture. Veneers offer versatility and durability and come in several finishes, including exotic and rare woods.


For a sleek, modern style, glass is a popular alternative that works best in compact spaces. Tempered glass is recommended for furniture as it provides added strength.


Often used for dining table bases and dining chairs, metal offers a sleek and stylish design. You can get your desired finish on the material in various ways, including glossy, brushed, hammered, or powder-coated, paired with additional elements like glass, marble, or wood.


Animal hide, usually goatskin is used as parchment and put into hardwood panels using a conventional craftsman technique. The parchment is typically polished to a high shine, giving a glossy varnish appearance.


Marble, another traditional material, can be modern in some contexts. It is commonly used for tabletops and paired with wood or metal bases, although some full marble tables like this Turner Black Faux Marble Dining Table by Eichholtz are available. Remember that marble is heavy, so it's vital to check the flooring requirements before selecting this material.

The Design Process For Creating A Custom Luxury Dining Table And Chair
The Design Process For Creating A Custom Luxury Dining Table And Chair


5. Creating a detailed engineering drawing for the construction

A thorough engineering drawing is necessary for furniture-building processes since it contains requirements and instructions for the manufacturer or craftsperson to follow. To create a comprehensive engineering drawing, create a rough sketch of the design, including measurements and all necessary details.

Transfer the sketch onto a drafting paper or software to create a more accurate and precise representation. Essential elements to include in the drawing are the materials, joinery techniques, hardware requirements, and any other specific construction details.

Additionally, it is essential to include a bill of materials, which is a list of all materials needed for the project, including their quantities and measurements. By having a precise engineering drawing, you can ensure that your custom furniture is made to your exact specifications and meets the highest quality standards.

6. Choosing the right craftsperson or manufacturer for your project

There are several things to guarantee a satisfactory conclusion when selecting a craftsperson or manufacturer for your furniture project.

Overall, selecting the right craftsperson or manufacturer for your dining room furniture is a crucial decision with far-reaching consequences. By researching and seeking recommendations, you can find a manufacturer who shares your values and can help you create the perfect dining room furniture for your home.

7. Prototyping and testing: Ensuring the durability and functionality of your custom dining set

The durability and usability of custom dining sets are dependent on prototyping and testing. By creating a prototype, designers and manufacturers can test the design and construction of the dining set before producing it on a larger scale. This enables them to make any required design adjustments or alterations and guarantee that the final product satisfies the intended criteria for quality and performance.

During prototyping and testing, various factors such as strength, stability, ergonomics, and durability are a consideration. For instance, the dining set's joints, connections, and legs undergo tests to see if they can resist the weight and pressure of frequent use. The finish and materials used undergo checks for durability and longevity too.

The Design Process For Creating A Custom Luxury Dining Table And Chair
The Design Process For Creating A Custom Luxury Dining Table And Chair


8. Finishing touches: Customisation options for your dining set

Adding the final touches to your custom dining room furniture is a crucial step in the design process, as it can impact the overall look and feel of your space. Here are a few ways to add those finishing touches:

Remember that these finishing touches should blend with your dining room's overall design and style, so choose them wisely to achieve the perfect look for your space.

9. Installation and delivery of your custom luxury dining table and chairs

Depending on the manufacturer and craftsperson you select for your project, the installation and delivery procedures for a custom luxury dining table and chairs may differ. However, you can generally expect the following steps.

Before the installation, a representative from the furniture company will come to your home to assess the space and ensure the dining set will fit comfortably. The dining set is carefully packaged and delivered to your home by the designers.

At delivery, the team will assemble the dining table and chairs, ensuring that each piece is secured and stable. The dining set will be placed in the designated area of your dining room, considering the flow of the room and the accessibility of each piece.

Finally, the craftsperson will make final adjustments, such as levelling the dining table or tightening the screws on the chairs, to ensure the dining set is stable and secure.

Before leaving, the company representative will guide you through the dining set, ensuring that you are satisfied with the installation and that everything meets your expectations. It doesn’t end there, the manufacturer will provide after-installation support, so you can contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

10. Maintenance and care for your custom dining set

Proper maintenance and care are essential in ensuring the longevity and appearance of your luxury dining set. Here are some tips to remember:


Designing custom luxury dining tables and chairs is a highly personalised and intricate procedure. For our experts, it involves an understanding of the client's needs, aesthetics, and preferences and knowing the latest design trends and materials.

The result is a one-of-a-kind piece that elevates the dining experience and becomes a cherished part of the home for years to come.

By choosing FCI for your furniture needs, you benefit from our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and exclusivity. Our extensive range of bespoke pieces is handcrafted by skilled artisans using the finest materials.

Over the past three decades, we have built an impressive interior portfolio of projects that features customised chairs and tables we have delivered to homes all over the UK.

Need more inspiration and guidance before getting started? You can chat with us through WhatsApp or book a consultation either virtually or in person and an experienced design specialist will work with you on reimagining your space from top to bottom, down to the last detail.

You can enhance the beauty, utility, and touch of the individuality of your living space by including a handcrafted coffee table in your design.

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