Luxury Dining Tables You Will Love

Luxury Dining Tables You Will Love

Since the opulent days of the Baroque period in the 17th century, interior design has been adopting elements associated with this extravagant style. Sculpted mirrors, gilded accessories and sleek materials like marble and granite are all characteristics of this period, but there's one piece of furniture that encapsulates this genre like no other - the luxury dining table. Large, theatrical and highly ornamental, the luxury dining tables of today would impress even the Sun King. With a modern take on Baroque that blends bygone craftsmanship and contemporary design, we bring you our pick of luxury dining tables you will love. 

FCI London's top luxury dining tables

Luxury dining tables are the product of three things: faultless craftsmanship, premium materials and elegant designs. Top Italians and German brands tend to monopolise this space with many citing the dining table as their flagship product. While Italian brands tend to capture that classic Mediterranean style that seems to ooze from the country's pores, German brands' greatest strength is their precision engineering. Some companies, like Naos, combine both. A dining table in this class is an investment. With the right care, it can be passed down through generations, creating family memories for decades. Here are the best luxury dining table brands to look out for.

Cattelan Italia: Masters at blending modern technology with a luxury Italian flair, Cattelan Italia luxury dining tables are in a class of their own. Since 1979 they have been creating pieces that adhere to the highest standards of quality, beauty and functionality. When you own a Cattelan table, you own the conversation. 

Naos: Driven by the science and art of movement, Naos have set themselves above the rest with their collection of extendable dining tables. Using cutting-edge technology and the beauty of motion, Naos dining tables bring the wow factor to your dining area.

Draenart: Innovative engineering, sophisticated designs and unrivalled expertise in stone craftsmanship are the marks of Draenart dining tables. Using over 200 types of natural stone from around the world, this German manufacturing icon has perfected the art of the luxury dining tabletop. 

Eicholtz: Eichholtz is a firm favourite with interior designers for their timeless and captivating collections inspired by Asian antiques. Their designs reflect more than a touch of glamour and Eichhltz dining tables are no exception. Expect vintage charm perfectly blended with unabashed razzle-dazzle. 

Luxury Dining Tables You Will Love

Luxury Extendable Dining Tables

When considering which table to choose, you can't go wrong with an extendable dining table. These are some of our most popular choices due to their flexibility and easy transitioning, depending on the number of people you need to seat. Smaller spaces can use the non-extending setting. 

The  Galax Extending Dining Table by Naos features a clear glass top that allows you to see the clever extension mechanism in the centre. The mechanism is activated by pulling a discreet lever under the table, instantly creating more space for guests to sit.

The Premier Keramik Drive Extending Table by Cattelan Italia features the classic ceramic top that is the company's trademark. One of the 8 versions in the Premier range, the Drive comes with a base materials choice of titanium, bronze, graphite or black embossed lacquered steel. The elegant top comes in a range of colours and each handmade piece is entirely unique.

The Artistico Extending Table by Bontempi Casa is on the less pricey side of this category starting at around £3500. It has a striking metal base that is designed to look like medieval crisscrossed swords. The tabletop has two extensions and comes in a choice of thick wood veneer finishes or glass.

Luxury Dining Tables You Will Love
Luxury Dining Tables You Will Love

Luxury Ceramic Dining Tables

A mark of a true luxury dining table is a handcrafted ceramic top. Cattelan Italia are the specialists in this area and it's hard to look past their exceptional collection. So what makes a ceramic top so special? Ceramic is a manmade stone that mimics the natural texture of marble, but unlike marble it can be produced in large quantities and in many different patterns and colours. It is durable, scratch-resistant and beyond elegant. Here are 3 of our favourite Cattelan Italia ceramic dining tables.

Designed by Andrea Lucattello, the Skorpio Keramik Dining Table is Cattelan Italia's bestselling dining table and is in competition for overall bestseller across all their ranges. Choose from a selection of eye-catching steel bases and luxurious ceramic tops in a variety of clours and finishes. The Skorpio creates an ultra-contemporary feel that is unmatched by any other dining table.

The Elvis Keramik Fixed Table features a ceramic top in different shades, from smoky and dark to pale and delicate. It was designed by frequent Cattelan collaborator, Alberto Danese. The utilitarian structure and smaller diameter make it perfect for both the kitchen and smaller living rooms.

The Mad Max Keramik Dining Table was designed by the legend himself, Paola Cattelan. Choose from the rectangular and barrel shapes as well as two different sizes. Simplicity and originality are the hallmarks of this design which also features solid criss-cross legs in a variety of materials.

Luxury Dining Tables You Will Love
Luxury Dining Tables You Will Love

Modern Round Dining Tables

For smaller spaces, the expansive rectangular statement piece might be overwhelming, or it might not even fit through the door. That doesn't mean, however, that you have to comprise on style. Smaller, sleek and brilliant for space-saving, modern round dining tables are the very satisfying answer. 

The Skorpio Round Fixed Table by Cattelan Italia is the perfect fit for cosy living rooms. With the same interesting base as the rectangular version, the round table is a modern expression of a classic piece. The combination of metal and glass gives it a contemporary feel that is yet at home in any decor aesthetic.</p

Cattelan's Skyline Keramik Round Table actually comes in two shapes; one round and one an asymmetric 3-sided structure. Featuring a marble-style ceramic top and a solid single leg with multiple steel rods. It is both industrial and regal, adding intrigue to any space.

The Eichholtz Turner Black Faux Marble Dining Table is an absolute showstopper. It comes in black or white "marble" complete with characteristic swirls and veins. It is a remarkable piece that demands attention.

Luxury Dining Tables You Will Love
Luxury Dining Tables You Will Love

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With elegant designs, premium quality materials and the heritage of the most prestigious brands, FCI London's selection of luxury dining tables are investment pieces that are built to last and turn heads. With the largest designer furniture showroom in London, our talented design team will be able to help you pick out the perfect piece for your space. 

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