Contemporary Dining Table Trends for 2023


This decade has brought with it a slew of unexpected realities, many of which changed the way we exist. Formalities have taken a back seat and lines are smudged when it comes to room functionalities. Dining rooms in particular have become hubs from which we eat, educate, work, play and gather, causing a definite shift in contemporary dining table trends for 2021. Rigid convention has been replaced with everything warm and welcoming and the latest styles exude versatility, relaxation and comfort.

There is a huge emphasis on inclusion. Family and familiarity dominate our choices from ornaments to photo walls, rugs, plush cushions, fluffy throws and, of course, furniture. FCI London is delighted to bring you the best new dining table aesthetics of the year.


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FCI’s Contemporary Dining Table Trends for 2023

Entertaining and food have become notably more genial in 2023. Carefully orchestrated dining has been replaced by big bowls of wholesomeness rather than set courses of Nouvelle Cuisine. Smaller gatherings are in, plants are aplenty, tableware is eclectic and ambient lighting helps to create cosiness.

In keeping with this sentiment, it’s no longer important for things to match. A beautiful contemporary dining table can now be paired with whatever chairs make you feel buoyant. Mixing styles, shapes and colours add character and atmosphere and bring a sense of fun to the overall experience.

Natural, durable materials like glass, metal, wood and marble are the new necessity and finishes should be soft and glowing rather than prim and polished.


For sit-down meals, contemporary dining tables and chairs are no longer bulky. Small eating nooks off the kitchen are also in vogue, ideal for apartment dwellers. Placing your bigger dining suite outside and repurposing your dining room as a gym or study is also a viable consideration.

Contemporary Glass Dining Tables

There is no denying that glass is one of the most stylish materials out there. And it has the extraordinary ability to blend in with and enhance almost any environment. Clear glass dining tables bring an airy, minimalistic element to your room, making smaller spaces feel more grandiose. They are also totally non-intrusive, allowing your dining room aesthetics prominence without feeling cluttered.

Coloured or frosted glass provides an opportunity to capitalise on the design elements in your dining room and are the perfect way to add style and texture.

When it comes to multipurpose functionality, glass is stain-proof, easy to clean and maintain and, if tempered, can comfortably accommodate the pressures of homework!

These stunning contemporary glass dining tables from Naos are the perfect choice if you’re looking for something elegant and luxurious. The Radiant Extending Dining Table has crossed legs with a chrome base while the Galax Extending Dining Table has sleek chrome legs that slant outwards. Both tables come with 3 glass top options: natural, which enables you to clearly see the extending mechanisms of the table, extra light and extra white.

High Top Dining Tables & Extendable Dining Tables

High top dining tables add café-style charm to any eating area. Allowing ample space for legroom, they exude a relaxed, casual energy perfect for informal occasions. Built for comfort, they are ideal for working and for cosy gatherings with family and friends.

If your dining and kitchen area are combined, then contemporary high top dining tables provide an additional workspace for when food prep gets out of hand. Pair them with tall chairs or bar stools for a lofty view of the world.

Contemporary extendable dining tables are an absolute godsend when it comes to impromptu dinners and surprise guests. Fitting neatly into your allocated space on regular days, they can be expanded on demand to accommodate extra people.

The Atlante Extending Dining Table by Naos is the ideal choice if you have a smaller home. Usually a modest rectangle, the top turns into a round structure via two solid extensions and comes in the standard choice of 3 glass styles.

Modern-day extension tables are artfully made – some of the mechanisms even work at the touch of a button. Naos is a brand famous for their innovations in motion, as evidenced by their range of furniture which they describe as ‘the movement against fixed ideas.’ They are pioneers in creating furniture that moves and changes depending on your needs. The Casual Extending Dining Table features a graceful stacked pillar base and contemporary marble top or antracite glass.

Wooden Dining Table Trends

Contemporary Dining Table Trends for 2021

With Cottagecore, Shabby Chic and Vintage interior design styles all booming in 2023, wood has become one of the most dominant themes. Whether you are passionate about antiques, love a more current look or are inclined towards earthier aesthetics, a contemporary wood dining table will keep you on-trend. We absolutely love the wood/lacquer Alhambra 001 Rb Dining Table by Altitude which manages to be both elegant and earthy at the same time.

If the natural tones of Shabby Chic are more to your liking, Altitude’s grown-up take on this trend is perfectly reflected in their Acro-Bat 002 Dining Table, a wooden topped table that, when unlacquered, wouldn’t look out of place in a rustic cottage.

Aside from its natural appeal wood is also durable, guaranteeing that your investment will be with you for life. Birch, elm, maple, oak and cherry are commonly used for indoor tables, while teak is the most practical choice if you’re dining outdoors.

FCI’s Predicted Contemporary Dining Table Trends

Contemporary Dining Table Trends for 2021

There is an unmistakable excitement when it comes to new interior design trends and FCI London predicts some pretty fabulous new variations on shapes, styles and choice of materials.

Formal rectangular dining tables are taking a back seat with a new emphasis on curves, ovals and rounded edges. For example, the soft lines of this Hula Op Extending Dining Table by Naos are designed to create a sense of intimacy and flow, while the Bo-Em 001 B Dining Table by Altitude is an elegant oval masterpiece.

Marble is also set to become a hot favourite this year. Aside from its timeless aesthetics and natural beauty, it is heat resistant, long-wearing and abundantly functional.>

This extraordinary Latour Extending Dining Table by Naos combines sleek marble with a breath-taking, twist-style organic base.

If you decide to take your dining area outside then teak, rattan or anything woven is the way to go. Pair them with outdoor carpets and baskets to create a beautiful bohemian vibe, like with this Dynasty Outdoor Set by Skyline Design.

Finally, when it comes to seating and décor, eclecticism is key. Infuse your space with mismatched items and injections of colour to bring a bright, happy touch to any dining room.

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