5 Sexy Stunning Chandeliers

Chandeliers are usually the greatest showpiece of any room. They create that beautiful talking point that will leave an impression on your guests. That said, a chandelier doesn't have to be flashy or over the top - it can be an understated and sophisticated piece that adds some classic old-world glamour to a contemporary space.

5 Sexy Chandeliers

Schonbek is a luxury lighting brand that makes gorgeous glass lights known for their fantastic quality and chic designs. Their ornate chandeliers hark back to bygone days of Titanic-style cruiseliners. The Alea AL6506 Chandelier has crystal strands that drape down from the crown and sparkle like diamonds; a true example old-world glamour and glitz. 

With a history that dates back to the 16th century, Vistosi is a brand that has harnessed the beauty of Venetian glass with their gorgeous Murano blown-glass lighting products. The Giogali Chandelier 3 offers an illumination of lights and reflection, creating a truly beautiful statement piece. 

Terzani Lighting has been combining traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology since the 1970s. Their philosophy is that lighting is more than an accessory – it is a moving spirit in the room. The Epoque 1 Chandelier is a luxurious and avant-garde take on a classic Renaissance-era design, with a spiral composed of curved, organic lines suspended by nickel chains.

At FCI HQ we also have our own in-house brand, FCI Custom Lighting. Through our relationships with manufacturers, we are able to custom-create lights according to your specifications at extremely competitive prices. Our Cronus Crystal Chandelier is one of our bestsellers. With delicate glass globes in silver and gold, the effect is somewhat Christmassy and gives the room a romantic ambience. 

Tom Dixon is a British designer on a mission to revive the British interior design industry through luxury lighting and furniture. He is self-taught and his constantly changing designs are inspired by his British heritage, from the early days of welding salvaged steel into radical furniture to the sculptural qualities and engineered materiality of his products today. The Melt Gold Stand Chandelier consists of rippling, distorted spherical lights, half-metallized to create an extraordinary optic effect that gives off an ethereal glow. A standout piece for any living room.

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