In1640, the Gazzabin family in Murano, Italy founded Vistosi, a lighting company that manufactures chandeliers, sconces and other lighting fixtures using Murano glass. Considering that Murano is the home of the art of glass that reached its shores in 1000, and to some of the best island glass makers, there is no question of the level of quality and craftsmanship used with every Vistosi lighting on the market.

Progenitor of the Gazzabin family, Vincenzo Gazzabin, brought the family to the forefront of Murano glass manufacturing. With the acquisition of its first furnace the Al Bastian, the company was able to produce blown glass. The company name originated from Venetian artist Gerolamo Gazzabin's nickname, Vistoso. When it became part of the family’s surname, all their creations, starting from the 1690, were labelled as Vistosi.

The art of glass almost faded during the dark century in the Venetian Republic, but at the end of World War II, heir of the Gazzabin family, Guglielmo Vistosi, opened a new furnace in Murano. Vistosi’s success in lighting really took off under the guidance of Guglielmo's grandchildren, Gino and Luciano Vistosi, who focused all their efforts and creative collaboration on manufacturing lighting items. They partnered with some of the most famous designers - Adalberto Dal Lago, Gae Aulenti, and Ettore Sottsass, to name a few, to achieve production success.

Vistosi Trademark

Giogali is a revolutionary masterpiece created by industrial designer and architect, Angelo Mangiarotti. It is made up of crystal hooks that don’t require any supporting structure, as each hook can be intertwined to create one whole masterpiece.

This particular piece showed that design and innovation is in the heart of Vistosi, a continuous process that resulted in the company’s many successes in the industry. The company is constantly looking for design ideas that they can use for their next collection, so they launched Vistosi NoLimits where architects, contractors and designers can present their many ideas and creations. A commission composed of experts in design, engineering, communications and marketing will judge the ideas presented and decide which one will receive the endorsement for research and production from Vistosi.

Vistosi today

From the old ways of glass blowing, the company has moved to more advanced and ecological manufacturing processes. The lead-free blown crystal glass follows the same technique, but removes lead oxide out of the equation. The result is a more transparent crystal with the durability of glass and the strength of stainless steel. Combined with the use of LED lighting, Vistosi has proven itself as a manufacturing company with a heart.

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