What Type of Rug Lasts the Longest?

What Type of Rug Lasts the Longest

If your living space is a high-traffic area that involves young children or pets and you’re in the process of hunting down some underfoot accessories that will endure the mayhem, you’re probably wondering: What type of rug lasts the longest?

At a glance, buying a new rug may seem straightforward, but do a bit of research and you’ll find that there are numerous options, each with its own set of pros and cons.

The top designers at FCI London have put together this guide to help you make the right decision, ensuring that you find a modern rug that encompasses all your needs.

Which rug is the most durable?

Knowing which type of rugs withstand wear and tear the best is helpful if durability is the primary criterion for your new carpeting quest.

Delicate materials like silk are beautiful to have but won’t stand up to heavy use, making them a bad choice for busy lifestyles. Here is what our experts say:

Natural Fibres


Wool rugs are long-lasting, come in various colours, and feel natural underfoot. With routine care, they will hold up well, even in high-traffic zones. They are also less likely to fray and repel liquid spills brilliantly. In general, a wool rug is one of the best choices available, especially if you have youngsters or a fur family.


Cotton is hypoallergenic and makes a great rug option because of its many outstanding qualities including softness, durability and comfort. It is also light, easy to clean and comes at a fair price for the quality you get.

Sisal and jute

One of the most popular products on the market, jute and sisal are strong, long-lasting, low maintenance and environmentally sustainable. They are perfect if you love creating a layered aesthetic and want to add a rustic, textured feel to your living spaces.


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Synthetic fibres


Nylon is affordable, renowned for its strength and widely accessible in a variety of different designs and colours. Simple to clean, it is an ideal rug to use in areas that have heavy footfall like hallways and passages. Find one that has been stain-proofed for maximum protection.


Rugs made from polypropylene are frequently mistaken for sisal or wool and have either a matte or sheen-like appearance. In terms of synthetic materials, they are the best option available because they are made for enhanced durability and comfort. Stain resistant and tough, any “olefin” rug is an optimal choice for both indoor and outdoor use.


Although it is not as resilient as nylon or wool, a polyester rug is still considered a decent alternative if you’re looking for durability, stain resistance and a low-budget alternative. They come in a variety of colours and designs to suit all tastes.

What Type of Rug Lasts the Longest
What Type of Rug Lasts the Longest


What determines the quality of a rug?

Here are some factors that will help you determine whether a rug is a quality investment.

  • Weight: This is defined by the thickness of the fibres and will dictate how resilient it is to frequent usage, spills and stains. Bottom line? The heavier the rug, the better.
  • Density: The distance between the rug strands at its base is referred to as density. Each rug is measured according to how many fibre strands there are in the carpet. The higher the density, the better the calibre of the rug, so check this on the label before you make a purchase. A count of 3 000 or more is considered top-notch.
  • Height: The longer the fibre on a rug, the more delicate it is, so make sure you choose a rug with a shorter pile for zones like stairways and passages.
  • Material: This is one of the most important components in determining longevity, with Wool, polyester, polypropylene and nylon being the four toughest rug materials available.
  • Construction: How the fibres are constructed affects the durability of a rug. Two of the most common techniques used include “bulked continuous filament” (BCF) and “spun” fibre carpeting.

Which type of rug is the easiest to maintain?

A rug made from nylon is the easiest to maintain because the fibres can withstand both compression and abrasion, giving them the resilience to keep their integrity. This makes it a long-lasting, heavy-duty choice that will stay looking new for years.

How to care for your rug

Even the most hard-wearing rug needs to be properly maintained. Here are some basic guidelines.

  • If your rug is reversible, flip it over regularly so that you use both sides evenly.
  • Turn your rug 180 degrees every few months to ensure a uniform appearance.
  • If you have hard flooring, get an underlay for your rug to stop it from slipping.
  • During the first few weeks, some of the fibres may come loose. To mitigate this, you can snip the protruding thread at the surface, but do not pull it out.
  • Vacuum your rug once a week to keep it clean but be careful not to use the brush attachment.
  • Blot spills immediately with a microfibre cloth by applying pressure without rubbing. Let it dry before vacuuming.
  • If your rug is stained, take it to a professional for cleaning right away.
  • Wait for your floor to dry completely after you’ve mopped it before replacing your rug.
  • Try not to wear shoes when walking on your rug, especially if they have rubber soles.

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