What are the Basic Types of Indoor Lighting?

What are the Basic Types of Indoor Lighting?

Many customers who come to us looking for lights often ask, what are the basic types of indoor lighting?

Indoor lighting is frequently designed to add decoration as well as illumination. It enhances your interior design aesthetic and contributes to the mood and atmosphere of your home.

This may include any lamps, pendant lights, recessed lights and any other lighting fixtures you’re looking to add.

Indoor lighting fixtures should only ever be used indoors because they frequently lack the waterproofing and dust proofing that outdoor fixtures must have.

You might think that the lighting arrangement in your home is largely inflexible and that you can only add a few lamps or hanging lights.

Continue reading to learn how simple, enjoyable and imaginative it can be to change the lighting arrangement in your home, as well as what types of indoor lights to look for.

The Warmth of Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the soft, diffused light that surrounds us in our everyday lives. It's the light that gives your room a warm glow when you flip on a switch or open a door.

It's what makes your living room look cosy and welcoming when it's dark outside.

Ambient lighting is different from task lighting, which is more focused on what you're trying to do—like reading a book or writing an email at your desk. An example of this is the Tata Floor Lamp.

This type of lighting is used to provide a general level of light in a room and can be achieved with:

  • table lamps
  • floor lamps
  • ceiling lights

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The Functionality of Task Lighting

Task lighting is the kind of light that illuminates what you're doing and where you're going. It helps you see what's in front of you and it helps guide your steps.

Task lighting can be provided by a single lamp or by a combination of lamps. But no matter how many lamps are used, each one needs to be positioned so that its light strikes the work surface at an angle that is neither too high nor too low.

Task lighting is generally used in places where you need to see what you're doing:

  • This could be the kitchen, where you're cooking up a storm.
  • It could be the bathroom, where you're shaving or putting on makeup.
  • It could be your office, where you're working on a project.
What are the Basic Types of Indoor Lighting?
What are the Basic Types of Indoor Lighting?

The Drama of Accent Lighting

Accent lighting like the Pinto Pendant Lamp is a form of illumination that focuses on a specific area. It's used to highlight a feature or make it stand out from the rest of the room.

It can be used to create different moods, too: soft and warm for relaxation, bright and energetic for an exciting party atmosphere!

Accent lighting is a subtle and effective way to enhance the mood of a room. It's also a great way to highlight certain features or pieces in your home.

Accent lighting can be used for many things, such as highlighting artwork, creating an ambience in a room, and even adding safety features (such as lighting up the path to your front door).

Choosing the Best Lighting for Each Room

For the last 4 decades, we've been working with some of the best suppliers in the world to bring you a wide range of contemporary lighting products at prices you can afford. You can also browse our interior design project portfolio for inspiration on how to place lights and incorporate them into your home design.

But there’s more! We work closely with our suppliers, many of whom are among the top lighting brands in the world, to arrange bespoke options that aren't available anywhere else—and it's something we're really proud of.

When it comes to lighting, you have many options. But not all lights are created equal.

The right kind of light can make all the difference in your home—and it's not just about making it look good. It's about making it feel good, too.

The benefits of choosing the best lighting for each room are endless. Here are just a few:

  • Improved mood
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increased productivity and focus
  • Less eye strain

In Conclusion

We have a wide range of indoor lighting to choose from, depending on how you want your home to look.

The most frequently used lighting types in home interiors are listed above. Keep these in mind when choosing a light for your home or for an interior design project, but don’t limit yourself. We have plenty of tricks up our sleeves and we’re here to help you with advice and recommendations.

The key to choosing the right type of lighting is to think about how it will look in your room. Once you have decided on the overall look you are aiming for, it will be quite easy to find lights that fit the bill.

Our lighting product range is supplied by some of the best lighting brands in the world and we keep up to date with all the latest styles. Connect with us on a call, WhatsApp us or pop into our showroom for a chat.

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