Best steam ovens: a buyer's guide

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gaggenau steam oven

We all need to let off a little steam sometimes and one of the most therapeutic ways to do this is in the kitchen. While not everyone excels when it comes to culinary prowess, there are some innovative new devices available that up the ante for wannabe chefs. Steam ovens are some of the most prominent.

Steam ovens have taken an age-old cooking style and amped it up to the next level. A steam oven functions like a microwave, steamer and convection oven combined; a one-stop shop for all your cooking needs.

We take a look at the Gaggenau steam oven range, some of the best products on the market.


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How Steam Ovens Work

Steam ovens work by extracting water from a reservoir based either in the front or interior of the oven and transferring it to a boiler. This creates steam which is released into the oven and circulated, cooking your food far more efficiently than conventional methods.

Steam ovens also optimise the health, integrity, and flavour of your food. Here’s how they work.

Steam ovens can also be used for a multitude of functions. Doughs proof in half the normal time, proteins defrost in a jiffy, baby bottles and jars can be sterilised. As temperatures can be set in single increments, you can even sous-vide, Masterchef-style.

gaggenau 400 series

Gaggenau Steam Oven Review

The Gaggenau 400 series offers six stunning 24 inches or 30 inches handcrafted, luxury combi-steam ovens to choose from. Each one features fixed inlet and outlet connections, home network integration and an automatic door opening system with a choice of left or right hinging.

Their smart interior design elements incorporate a larger than usual cavity, a full surface grill hidden elegantly behind glass, a non-reflective rear wall and subtle LED lighting to illuminate your cooking.

Gaggenau also offers some unique automated cleaning functions that are well worth the spend. These include a descaling and drying program, a grease filter positioned in front of the convection fan and a clever steam condensing system that stops steam from engulfing you when you open the door. All of these are designed to ensure that your steam oven looks forever new.

Other noteworthy features:

Gaggenau ovens can handle a wide range of cooking methods including dough proofing, regenerating, defrosting, baking, grilling, braising, browning, sous-viding and gratinating. Every option a budding chef could wish for.

Gaggenau is the cream of the crop, but If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, Miele, Bosch and Neff all make great quality steam ovens.


Gaggenau steam oven cost calculator 

If you’re ready to buy your Gaggenau steam oven, you’ll need to know how much it costs and whether it is an affordable option for you.

Our Gaggenau cost calculator will tell you how much their steam ovens cost, as well as the prices of other Gaggenau appliances. You can check it out here.

Steam Oven Buyers Guide

When purchasing a steam oven, you will need to consider the following:


If you’re in the market for a multi-purpose appliance to really show off your cooking skills, the Gaggenau steam oven is definitely the way to go. Take a look at all our steam oven options here.

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