Exquisite Knot & Loop Rug Collection at FCI London

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Exquisite Knot & Loop Rug Collection at FCI London

An expansive collection of bespoke rugs by Knot & Loop.

Choosing a rug that suits your living space and complements the interior can be quite a daunting task. To help with this, now you can find the perfect piece of rugs by Knot & Loop that is within the realms of your budget.

The right carpet can be the focal point of a room, so we have added a range of versatile yet beautiful pieces of Knot & Loop rugs to our collection for you to choose from.

Founded in Bhadohi, India, three decades ago, Knot & Loop has since then produced a wide range of customised rugs that are not only appealing to the eyes but also engaging to the mind.

Every piece is hand-knotted to perfection by skilled craftsmen who use the finest materials such as wool, Mohair, Hemp, Nusilk, Real Silk, Artificial Silk, and modern fibres like Bamboo Silk.

knot & loop rugs

Having more than three decades of experience in using the ancient hand-knotting process of manufacturing rugs, Knot & Loop has produced many rugs that are hard to find elsewhere. All the products result from effective research conducted by the brand. They are created by gathering inspiration and information from modern, global trends and tastes of customers to weave unique items that are aesthetically exquisite. The brand offers more than six thousand colours, which it utilises to create these unrivalled rug masterpieces that cater to different styles and design interiors.


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Purchasing a Knot & Loop piece will be a worthwhile investment. The hand-knotted collection of rugs by Knot & Loop bring with them the promise of integrity and longevity and provide the most suitable medium to exhibit unique and colourful contemporary designs that will add to the charm of your living or workspace. Knot & Loop’s aim to produce rugs and carpets from the finest natural materials available owes to its success to its fine designs and the burgeoning rug and carpet industry.

knot & loop rugs

Every single Knot & Loop rug is one of a kind as it is distinct in colour, material, size, and design, available for customised selection according to your preferences. All the products are produced ethically and are certified by renowned organisations such as Goodweave and ISO, which guarantees that the quality of these rugs will never disappoint.

Each knot of a Knot & Loop rug is unique, which makes its unravelling practically impossible. The rugs are of remarkable quality that are crafted entirely by hand in compliance with the strictest quality standards and demonstrate perfection that will last for a lifetime. If you’re looking for something that will add to the beauty of your interior, a predesigned, premium quality Knot & Loop rug is the perfect option for you – because artwork should not just be confined to the walls. A rug that is tailored to complement your interior design plan will indeed look iconic in your room.

knot & loop rugs

The Handmade Broadloom Collection by Knot & Loop is a delightful option for you if you are searching for a customised, handmade carpet. The versatile range of colours and textures created by skilled weavers are suitable for carpeting various floors in an elegant way. The rugs in this collection are simple but can help you dial up a room’s interior by reflecting the colours.

Knot & Loop’s Wall to Wall collection consists of handmade carpets created by expert craftsmen who enhance the beauty of natural colours by incorporating them into materials and designs that are suitable for any creative space. This collection’s items have a history of satisfying customers who sought to transform spaces such as hotels, yachts and private jets.

A variety of outdoor and indoor rugs by Knot & Loop are available at FCI London. These pieces are hand-knotted by using non-toxic fibres that are certified as environmentally friendly and recyclable. The outdoor rugs are fit for all weather conditions due to their high resistance to humidity, bacteria, water and sunlight.

These durable outdoor and rugs can be used as a floor mat for your terrace while enjoying a cup of tea. The indoor rugs from this collection are perfect for covering a small area in your room to give your feet a treat while you sit on a chair and enjoy a book.

knot & loop rugs at FCI London

The manufacturing process of the rugs and carpets is an art in itself. Every single piece is handmade from scratch. Each creation has tiers of expertise involved from the weaving process to the handspun fibres. The dense knots of every single rug offers a richness which is second to none and is impossible to achieve by machine. There is no doubt that the gross effect of an intricate and elegant design of a rug owes its charm to the brilliance and effectiveness of the expertise used in the process of hand-knotting these pieces.

For over thirty years, Knot & Loop has been a natural fibre specialist, and the products they offer are manufactured by using fine quality fibres hand-picked from around the globe. Rest assured, a bespoke, hand-knotted rug by Knot & Loop designed to suit your style and architecture can bring life to any room. Every product exudes the dynamic designs created by the weavers by combining different materials and colours. These pieces are capable of being incorporated comfortably into any interior, whether it’s traditional or contemporary.

Not only can you order a standard-sized carpet but you can also get it tailored according to your requirement and preference. When you order a product from this collection, you will not receive a rug, but a masterpiece that is specifically made for you, comprising countless knots made to last for a lifetime, and to provide you with the utmost satisfaction and pleasure of having something unique.

Discover Knot & Loop at FCI London today!

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