Attic Rug... Just Landed at FCI London

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Attic Rug... Just Landed at FCI London

The Widest Collection by Attic Rugs

These pieces incorporate the latest trends and innovative designs which are not only artistic but also reasonable in terms of price.

Being the first company to use modern rug-making techniques in the United Kingdom, Attic Rugs was able to achieve the status of being the market leader which it still enjoys today.

attic rugs at fci london
attic rugs at fci london

The brand’s first comprehensive catalogue was launched in 2005 which set a hallmark for the business that satisfied not only national customers but international buyers.

Attic Rugs provides the finest rug collections ranging from meticulously hand-knitted rugs to machine-made pieces made from high-quality fibres and textiles. The company’s research team reinterprets the modern world’s taste and applies its unmatched creativity to produce the most distinctive rugs.

attic rugs at fci london
attic rugs at fci london

The brand has an in-house design team which ensures that every contemporary rug they design is perfect for residential or commercial spaces.

The brand offers its customers the best quality rugs – same of which has been lauded by its customers in the UK and globally. In 2019, the company launched their largest rug collection featuring over 700 rugs. This grand collection has something for everyone as it ranges from bright to dark colours, suitable to complement different interiors.

If you are looking for contemporary or vibrant rugs with impeccable quality, look no further than Attic Rugs. Schedule a visit to our showroom to see these rugs for yourself.

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