Gaggenau Luxury Appliances – An Introduction To The Brand


Gaggenau – Revolutionary Home Appliances

For over three centuries, Gaggenau has been manufacturing high-end, revolutionary home appliances. But, what makes them such a leading brand?


In 1683 Gaggenau was established as a metalworks in the Black Forest, Murgtal Valley by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden. Growing rapidly over the decades, Gaggenau metalworks progressed from manufacturing simple tools to engineering farm machinery and advertising signs, building a name for the brand and German engineering in the process.

Never afraid to move with the times, Gaggenau began to produce coal, gas-fire and electric stoves, yet still remained dedicated to ergonomics, build quality and luxurious designs.

In the 1960s, the Gaggenau logo was created with the influence of the revolutionary Bauhaus art school. The centre focuses on classical modernism, and the simple Gaggenau logo stands to represent the brand’s belief in ‘form over function’.

It is this prestigious history that has built Gaggenau’s reputation as innovative, luxury kitchen appliance manufacturers and paved the way for their revolutionary developments in the 21st century.


For the past 335 years, Gaggenau have had a passion for their business, customers and appliances. From design and manufacture to the brand’s showrooms, every facet of Gaggenau is founded on the same passion for cooking and desire to create professional, luxury appliances that are built to last.


Since their production of the famous “Favorit” and “Futura” cooker models, Gaggenau have been at the forefront of industry developments. Over the years they have manufactured the first built in appliances, designed the first 90cm wide oven, brought the first steam oven to the domestic kitchen, created glass ceramic cooktops, and introduced automatic steam cleaning, paving the way for their competitors and revolutionising domestic kitchens.


Despite their dedication to new technology and innovative designs, Gaggenau have never lost their dedication to expert, quality craftsmanship. All Gaggenau appliances are handcrafted with an intricate focus on attention to detail that sets these luxury appliances apart from their competitors.


Gaggenau appliances don’t just look the part, they also perform to the highest possible standard. Taking recommendations from professionl chefs, Gaggenau appliances are guaranteed to be robust, efficient and durable so they won’t let you down.

High-end designs combined with expert craftsmanship and innovative technology has cemented Gaggenau in the heart of kitchens worldwide and is why they continue to transform homes worldwide.

We have a huge range of luxury Gaggenau appliances available in our London showroom and interior designers available to help you create your ideal home.

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