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Gaggenau was founded initially as an ironworks in 1683 at the foot of the Black Forest in the Murgtal Valley by Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden. Over the years it grew into a small factory, employing a handful of workers and manufacturing agricultural machinery, metalware & simple tools. Today Gaggenau is recognised as one of the most important brands in kitchen appliances, offering the very latest in technology and innovation.

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Gaggenau Baking & Coffee - Discover baking and coffee-making equipment and appliances that will simplify how you create and enjoy your next slice of cake or cup of coffee. Gaggenau has the best tools that can offer everyday convenience. Choosing the right ones can make a world of difference. Do not limit yourself to what an appliance can do. Choose only the best baking and coffee equipment from our collection of Oven 400 series, steam ovens, combi-microwaves, warming drawers and fully automatic espresso machines.

Gaggenau Baking & Coffee by fci

Gaggenau Cooking by fci

Gaggenau Cooking - Whether you plan a simple meal or an elaborate dinner, superior cooking appliances can adapt to your needs instead of the other way around. So look for the best cooktop and accessories that will accommodate your needs and still have plenty of room for culinary adventures. Gaggenau can help you create a kitchen suitable for gourmet cooking with our offer of induction cooktops, gas cooktops, electric grill and other high quality cooking accessories.


Gaggenau Ventilation - Create a healthy atmosphere in your home all day and every day with the right ventilation equipment from Gaggenau. Quality indoor air can affect your wellbeing in many levels, so keeping your home, especially your kitchen, well-ventilated should not be an afterthought. Make sure to choose equipment that offers design and functionality from our ventilation series, available in ceiling, table and downdraft versions.

Gaggenau Ventilation by fci

Gaggenau Cooling by fci

Gaggenau Cooling - When indoor and outdoor temperature starts to heat up, keep cool with drinks and beverages chilled at the right temperature. Choose a refrigerator or fridge-freezer that allows for cooling at various levels. To maintain the quality of wine until you are ready to pop the cork, store them in wine climate cabinet. Gaggenau not only supplies cooling equipment, but can also help you make the right choice.


Gaggenau Dishwashing - Add luxury to your kitchen even in the way you wash your dishes with sleek, contemporary dishwashers that offer form and function. Cleaning up after a meal should not be a messy affair with the right equipment from Gaggenau, complete with the right accessories. Your next dishwashing session should be as easy as pushing a button of our Dishwasher 200 series that comes with a wide variety of programmes and options.

Gaggenau Dishwashing by fci

Gaggenau Washing by fci

Gaggenau Washing - Simplify the way you do your laundry. Take out the hassle and hard work with a washer and dryer from Gaggengau that boast of well-thought-out design and functions. And an energy saving feature, on top of other impressive functionalities is not so bad either. Laundry day and garment care should just be a matter of wash and dry using state-of-the-art washing machines and condenser dryer.






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