Built In wardrobes sit flush with the walls, providing you with an essential, beautiful, easy to use solution. Since these wardrobes are built specifically to fit your house you can truly achieve the design of your dreams, thanks to the customisation options available to you. We at FCI offer large, multi-section wardrobes as well as smaller, simpler solutions; we suggest you to simply go through our collection and look for what resembles your personal needs best. You will most certainly find something that you love in the collections that we put together with our passion for great design.

These kind of design pieces require some thought, because they need to fall perfectly in line with what you are trying to achieve back at home. We are more than happy to offer you suggestions and tips on how to properly install some of these, while also giving you the tools to choose the right option. If you are looking for something that's really unique, we can find a solution that is custom fit to your area of interest, with various different materials and design cues to choose from. Revolutionise your world by choosing one of our beautiful designs.

Built In Wardrobes

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