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fci best luxury armchairs

The armchair is perhaps the single most defining piece in the rich history of furniture. From the iconic Louis XV armchair in the mid-eighteenth century to the Chesterfield club chair of the Victorian era, the influence of history on modern chairs is evident in today's reimagined designs and new designs that borrow a classic element here and a bygone aesthetic there.

At FCI, we adore a good sit down - you only have to pop into our showroom to see that we've picked out the most comfortable of all the armchairs and sofas for display on our floor. This is not accidental! We consider ourselves fortunate to test out some of the most luxurious seating in the world. Here are our designers' favourite luxury armchair picks, 100% seat-satisfaction guaranteed.


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Luxury Armchairs

When you think of designer armchairs, you're probably thinking of encompassing tubs swathed in soft velvet or regal wingbacks with ornate wooden frames. If so, you'd be right on both counts. but our range of armchairs extends far beyond that. From daring accent armchairs to xx here are our top picks for when you want to sink into something a bit more comfortable.

The Innovator

The Dean Armchair by Gamma & Dandy is an elegant leather occasional chair that, in keeping with its name, simply demands an occasion to be shown off. From its sinuous S-shaped silhouette that curves to the ground uninterrupted by such common things as legs, to its high-functioning engineering that is simply primed for comfort, this piece is sure to be a talking point among your guests. It's available in a choice of neutral and bold-hued leathers so you can perfectly match your statement piece to your style. 

The Statement Maker

"It's as pretty as a peacock!" is the most common reaction to this one-of-a-kind chair that is named after, well, a peacock. The exuberant Peacock Armchair by Cappellini features rippled folds of felt fabric in a choice of popping colours (naturally, our favourite is peacock blue) resembling the proud bird's fanned-out feathers. It's a fun chair with a spontaneous feel, refusing to conform to the seating norm. Fun fact: this chair is the one featured in Rihanna’s “S & M” music video. Apparently, she likes it, likes it.

FCI best luxury chairs
fci best luxury chairs


The Lounger

Made for debriefing after those long hard days at the office, the Elda Armchair by Longhi will ease both your physical and emotional pain. The chair revolves 360 degrees on a fibreglass base and the ergonomically designed seat is padded to the point where you risk falling asleep. The leather or fabric upholstery is 100% handmade with the utmost care. If you're not sighing in bliss yet, wait until you sit on this cloud of comfort. 

The Legend

Eichholtz did it his way with their iconic Frank Sinatra Chair, a pinstriped upholstered armchair with a classic wingback design, curved sweeping legs and a sophisticated padded seat. The fabric comes in black & white or autumn-hued pinstripes or monochrome cream. Like the man himself, this beauty looks classy and glamorous when placed in front of a roaring fireplace, preferably with some jazzy swing in the background.

FCI best luxury chairs
fci best luxury chairs


Luxury Armchairs at FCI London

We invite you to come and sit with us. Try out the gorgeous display chairs in our London showroom or browse our extensive range of designer armchairs online.  Or take a look at some of the top armchair brand collections below and find your seating style.  

gamma and dandy armchairs
longhi luxury armchairs
cattelan italia dining tables dragon
eichholtz luxury armchairs


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