How To Mix Lighting and Modern Furniture

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Contemporary Furniture & Lighting

The way you light your space can make or break its ambience. It’s important to get the lighting element correct because, as any interior designer will tell you, if everything else is perfect and the lighting is wrong, then everything feels wrong! The same maxim applies when it comes to modern furniture. Your visitors won't get the full impact of your gorgeous modern furniture pieces if the lighting is unbalanced.

It's worth noting that different rooms require different lighting methods. To perfectly match your lighting and modern furniture, you’ll have to strike a delicate balance. Here are our in-house designers' top suggestions for combing lighting and contemporary furniture arrangements. 

1. Downlighting is always a good idea. While your room looks best during the day in natural light, downlighters really enhance the ambience at night by creating a soft glow. Add some downlights to your dining room for that romantic dinner feeling and in the reception area to cast a gentle hue for visitors as they walk in. 

2. Overhead lighting is especially useful in the kitchen. You can regulate the overhead light to shine on countertops, cabinet handles and appliances, making cooking far easier at night.

3. Use pendants and chandeliers to create drama. A stunning chandelier in the centre of a living room is always going to be an impressive centrepiece. 

4. Consider using coloured lightbulbs. Go one step further and enhance your space with different coloured lights. Think soft pink for a romantic feel in the dining room, gentle green outside to tie your patio to your garden or multicoloured lights to highlight a piece of art. You can also use related colours on the spectrum to change the mood. For example, a red sofa lit up by blue light would be magic to the overall feel. Colour-related lighting gives the room a bold but soothing feel and helps calm the mood. Make sure the lights are never too bright so as not to strain your eyes; lighting levels should be anywhere between ordinary lighting and candlelight.

5. Match your lights to your room colour. Bright colours like white tend to better reflect lighting and the neutral hue allows you to be creative with your lighting palette. 


Lighting at FCI London

At FCI London we stock a wide range of gorgeous, luxury lighting brands. Browse our selection or read about our interior design services and how we can help you match your contemporary furniture and lighting. 



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