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Gamma & Dandy are luxury furniture’s ultimate power couple. As one of Italy’s most prestigious manufacturers, they produce and handcraft some of the finest modern leather furniture with meticulousness, unrivalled quality and classic Italian style. But who are the people behind the brand and how did they go from a small sofa manufacturing firm to one of the most recognisable names in the world? This is their story.

Gamma & Dandy’s Origin and History

In 1974 in a small town in Italy, Gabriele Ghetti and Carla Botti’s friendship and shared passion for furniture led them to create sofa manufacturing firm, Gamma Arredamenti. Originally a small company serving the domestic market in the Italian district of Forli, Ghetti and Botti set themselves one ambitious goal: to create products for the high-end segment of the international furniture market. They each brought their own expertise and experience to the table and, armed with a shared vision and mutual respect, headed off down their newly chosen path.

Contrary to trends at the time, Ghetti and Botti made the bold decision to keep Gamma’s production entirely in the local Forli plant. This meant they could continue using the creativity and skills of local artisans while also retaining strict quality control over every product produced. The decision also points to what is the key foundation of the Gamma ethos - upholding the values inherent in Italian design. Gamma quickly expanded from local sofa firm to luxury furniture giant, a brand recognised across the world for its continuous research and innovation without ever forgetting its traditional values.

Gamma’s philosophy is visible through every product they make, from design concepts to the processing of raw wood, to the selection of the superior leathers for which they are known. Gamma’s ideals remain the same today as they were more than 40 years ago; a passion for contemporary design and a dedication to bringing their customers pieces of the highest quality that are rooted in their Italian heritage.

Dandy Home Collection

We know the burning question you've been dying to ask - if Ghetti and Botti are Gamma, who is Dandy? The Dandy in Gamma & Dandy is a gorgeous collection of leather-upholstered sofas, armchairs, occasional chairs, beds and accessories created by Italian designer, Giuseppe Viganò, under the Gamma brand. The collection is positioned as an exclusive fashion-conscious lifestyle capsule that fuses the innovative vision of Viganò with the intricate artisanal skills of Gamma Arredamenti. Think unusual and unexpected combinations of materials and details that take risks while respecting the intrinsic beauty of the product.


gamma & dandy furniture
gamma & dandy furniture


Furniture as an Art Form

The success of Gamma is all in the details. Highly skilled craftsmen conceptualise designs and transform them from abstract ideas to a tangible reality. Each step along the way is handled with in-depth attention, resulting in a high polish found in only the most premium of brands. Gamma experts use their years of experience to weigh up the tools, caress the leathers and work the materials, a delicate process that requires an exactness that few are capable of. Their hands tell you the true story of who Gamma is.

Ginger Armchair by gamma & dandy
Brooklyn Bookcase by gamma & dandy


3 Interesting Facts About Gamma

1. Gamma works with a tannery in Italy that also provides leather interiors for some of the most prestigious car brands in the world, such as Audi and Porsche.

2. The same tannery also provides leather for Gucci handbags. Gamma only uses bull hides from Northern Europe. These hides are larger, thicker and stronger than anywhere else in the world.

3. Gamma’s craftsmen are second to none and through them, the brand offers customised stitching styles in an enormous range of thread thicknesses and over 450 colours.


gamma & dandy furniture
gamma & dandy furniture


Here’s a look at the Gamma & Dandy product range:


Gamma is known for their leather sofas; this is absolutely the flagship product of the brand. Carefully thought-out details create an unmistakable panache that is pure Gamma. Fine workmanship and well-researched innovation are fused with elegant designs, creating comfortable contours and minimalist beauty with a distinctly Italian flavour. The wide range of sofas in endless combinations gives you the chance to create a fully customised piece from a selection of handpicked materials and avant-garde designs.

In the mood for some inspiration? Here are our favourite Gamma & Dandy sofa picks for your consideration.

gamma & dandy sofa
gamma & dandy sofa
gamma & dandy sofa
gamma & dandy sofa



Beds and Bedside Tables

Gamma's has a range of leather-upholstered beds known for their meticulous detailing and sophisticated design. All with all other Gamma products, the beds are customisable in leather, stitching and material options. These contemporary beds bring a modern, crisp look and feel to your bedroom while also delivering comfort and warmth. Three beautifully tailored bedside tables complement your pick of double beds perfectly, creating a harmonious bedroom setup. 

gamma & dandy beds
gamma & dandy beds
gamma & dandy bed
gamma & dandy beds




Coffee Tables

Gamma’s range of Haute-design coffee table sets exudes a sophisticated aura that will uplift your living room. The tables are both practical tabletops and room decorations all in one. Each can be fully customised in the style and finish of your choice. The coffee tables have been designed to perfectly match Gamma sofa and chairs, creating a holistic and striking look for your living room.

gamma & dandy coffee table
gamma & dandy coffee tables
gamma & dandy coffee tables
gamma & dandy coffee tables





Made from scrupulously sourced materials, Gamma’s premium designer leather armchairs feature cutting-edge technological innovation in combination with luxuriously comfortable upholstery. There is also a range of leather dining chairs that will perfectly accompany any contemporary dining table. For high-fashion vibes, pick a chair from the Dandy Collection – we can guarantee that it will have your guests doing a double-take.

gamma & dandy seating
gamma & dandy armchairs
gamma & dandy seating
gamma & dandy seating




When it comes to furniture, you know what you love - we're just here to help you find it. Gamma & Dandy's style of innovative luxury is the perfect choice for your sleek and chic space. We stock the full range of Gamma & Dandy products at FCI and we can't wait to introduce you to it. Pop in and visit our friendly design team or browse the collection online. We're confident we can find you the Gamma & Dandy piece that is perfect for you. 


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