Creating Timeless Living Rooms With Gamma Arredamenti

Our living rooms are often multifunctional spaces but they should always provide a space for sitting, relaxing and generally taking your mind off things.

A relaxing sitting room needs to be comfortable and stylish. It should be a tranquil space that also has an element of cosiness, ideal for spending time alone, or with family and friends. Gamma & Dandy is the perfect brand to turn to when it comes to revamping your sitting room.

Known for their timeless sofas, Gamma is a stellar choice for living room furniture. Here's our pick of Gamma & Dandy pieces that will completely transform your space. 


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Gamma & Dandy Armchairs

The Giselle Armchair

With super deep upholstery, the Giselle Armchair by Gamma & Dandy is the ultimate when it comes to comfortable seating for relaxing in. This mid-century style helps improve the illusion of space, lifted off the floor on slim and dark legs, this piece is grounded, yet light and sophisticated. The extra-thick headrest makes it ideal for reclining in, while the beautiful fabric and piping add to this contemporary armchair with a classic twist.


The Loft Armchair

On a slim and sleek frame, the chunky upholstered chair makes this armchair look a little unbalanced, in a charming way that adds character. The strong metal base of the Loft Armchair helps improve the feeling of space as you can see the floor and the wall beyond. Just the right amount of detail is added to the upholstery with stitching that’s available in a number of colours, while the seat itself comes in over 170 different colour options.

The Sharon Armchair

This simple and classic design has been updated for the 21st century with luxurious materials and super smooth lines. Chunky and super comfortable, the Sharon Armchair is really deep and offers loads of support. The chair can be upholstered in over 170 different premium fabrics. The stitching adds a modern twist, and can also be finished in over 15 different shades.


Gamma & Dandy Coffee Tables

T29 – T30 – T31 Coffee Table

This trio of coffee tables offers just the right amount of surface space at varying heights. Modern and simple, the T29 – T30 – T31 Coffee Tables make the perfect little nest. The unusual design is eye-catching and will become a real focal point in your room. With wooden legs, a leather-covered top and an unusual orange accent band, this is the perfect option if you prefer neutral shades with a pop of colour.

T135B – T136B – T137B – T138B Coffee Table

Available in four versatile sizes, the T135B – T136B – T137B – T138B Coffee Tables, comes in over 120 colour options. The simple square design adds a contemporary feel, while the stitching to the sides enhances the design for a luxurious finish. On simple wood legs lifted off the floor, the table itself is simple but chunky, offering loads of surface space for accessories and drinks.


T140B – T141B – T142B – T143B Coffee Table

This artistic and unique coffee table comes in a variety of sizes and has a beautiful metallic finish. Available in burnished aluminium, metallic anthracite, chrome, burnished copper and metallic grey, the T140B – T141B – T142B – T143B Coffee Table has a sculptural feel and luxury finish.

Gamma & Dandy Accessories for Living Rooms

The Smart Footstool

These multifunctional stools work both as a comfortable footrest but also as a storage box. Ideal for smaller spaces to keep clutter tidied away, the Smart Footstool is both stylish and practical. Available in over 150 finishes, choose from quirky design statements such as tassels, or sleeker styles in a range of colours. The neat size means you can tuck away to the side of the sofa when not in use and using as storage, and pull out when you want to put your feet up and relax.

The PO7 Bench

Ideal if you have a bay window or an expanse of wall to fill with informal seating, the PO7 Bench will enhance your living room design as well as add much needed additional seating. On slim legs, the bench won’t overwhelm the space and will compliment your design with understated luxury.

With Gamma & Dandy creating a stylish, contemporary and cosy living room is made easy.

Gamma & Dandy at FCI London

Specialising in high-end contemporary design, this brand is a go-to when it comes to updating your interiors with a sophisticated, 21st-century style. Your living room would greatly benefit from even the addition of a single Gamma & Dandy piece, working to add style, character and charm with a focus on modern design. Get in touch with us today for the best prices on Gamma and expert design advice. 


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