Best dishwashers: a buyer’s guide

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gaggenau dishwasher

In this fast-paced world where time is very much of the essence, the last thing we feel like doing at the end of each day is the dishes. Fortunately, though, a woman called Josephine Cochran from Illinois, USA invented a clever little machine in 1887 called a dishwasher. Back then it was, of course, fairly simple. But today’s hi-tech version is an absolute lifesaver and a must in every modern household. For those concerned about leaving carbon footprints, be assured that the best dishwashers are designed to be water-wise and can save up to 5000 gallons a year compared to what one would use washing dishes by hand. The Gaggenau dishwasher range is a premium range of dishwashers. We review these market-leading appliances later on in this article.


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How dishwashers work

Once the dishwasher is loaded, water is heated and combined with a detergent before being pumped through multiple spinning spray arms to wash off the soil (food dirt). The dirty water is then pumped out and a rinse cycle begins.

Make sure you stay eco-friendly by following these basic tips:

gaggenau dishwasher

Gaggenau dishwasher review

Gaggenau’s legendary cutting edge technology is clearly evident in its 400 series of contemporary dishwashers. With a range of eight different programs and five function options, you can make countless adjustments to suit your specific needs. From noise control to shorter cycle times, these machines offer unmatched versatility.

Flexible hinges mean that you can integrate them into any space with ease. A subtle side Info-Light indicates when the dishwasher is in use and, on specific models, the remaining cycle times are projected onto the floor. The machines come with push-to-open doors and a soft interior light illuminates your dishes. Smooth running rails and cushioned closing ensure that baskets glide effortlessly in and out.

Gaggenau dishwashers use Zeolite so that delicate dishes can be cleaned at lower temperatures and extra jets can be turned on or off depending on the level of cleaning required.

There is a range of accessories available to meet your every need including a space-saving cutlery basket, a silver care cartridge to protect your cutlery from tarnishing, a glass holder to secure long-stemmed glassware, a sliding knife rack and a large item spray head that can be attached to the back wall of your dishwasher when you need to wash larger cookware.

Other features include:

Gaggenau offers the very best in high-end dishwashers but for a great overall alternative, Miele is a worthwhile consideration.

gaggenau dishwasher

Gaggenau dishwasher cost calculator 

If you think the Gaggenau dishwasher is for you, you’ll want to know how much it costs and whether you can afford it.

Our Gaggenau cost calculator will show you much the cooktop costs, as well as the price of other Gaggenau appliances. You can check it out here.

Dishwasher buyer’s guide

As dishwashers range from simple and cheap to state-of-the-art and pricey, it’s always good to have a budget in mind before hitting the shops. This is what you’ll need to think about when choosing one:


We could all do with a helping hand, especially when it comes to washing dishes. And with a range of eco-friendly dishwashers available, you’d be doing the planet a favour by getting one too! Why not take a look at our Gaggenau dishwashers or our full range of dishwasher options.

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