Are you an avid reader? Or maybe you have a waiting room for guests in your office? Do you enjoy browsing articles? Either way, magazine racks have been around for quite a while now and they are here to stay. If you enjoy occasionally reading the Sunday's post, or if you feel like gathering all of your collections together, then these pieces might be the ideal choice for you. We at FCI offer great products that are sourced from all over Europe and beyond, marking these pieces as uniquely varied objects that are hard to find in England's marketplace.

Be it leather, metal, plastics, or any other material that might fit your environment best, we have it all. You can see the entire collection here, but you can also visit our showroom to see which ones are perfect for your needs with your own eyes. There's nothing better than finally receiving the monthly issue of your favourite magazine and going through it at your own pace, meaning that, once read, these publications truly deserve a spot of their own. Living rooms, lounges and waiting rooms are the ideal rooms to place these within reach.

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