Brabbu's values are all about nature, fierceness, memories and culture. This means that their design work revolves around nature's mightiness, while also bringing fierce and culturally tailored work to life. What does it mean to work with fierceness though? What about the memories that you create? Brabbu believes that products should be envisioned with great dedication and, therefore, fierceness. There should be a driving force behind every action and every tool, meaning that the whole working process should give one a sense of superior power.

Memories instead revolve around time and hence, they revolve around nature. All these properties come together to form the incredible design pieces that Brabbu offers with their advanced philosophy for interior design and that shows when you look at one of their chairs or one of their tables; they're simply stunning to look at. Brabbu's pieces are made to impress, there's no doubt about that: exotic materials, complex design languages and classy outlines. There's definitely more to these products than what the eye meets, but what the eye meets is definitely more than enough in this case.

Brabbu is a designer brand that produces a diverse range of casegoods and upholstery furniture, lighting, accessories, rugs and arts. With every piece reflective of an intense way of living, it brings an element of strength and power befitting to a fast-paced and demanding urban lifestyle.

With a commitment to innovation and consumer satisfaction, Brabbu’s team of designers and craftsmen will continue to search for the most innovative techniques and materials, and deliver the products a space and client deserve.

The company provides a complete solution for interior spaces and customises services according to what a space and project need.

Brabbu Expertise

With a mission to create products that tell a story about nature and the world, and a vision to become a design reference in the industry, Brabbu uses innovative technologies and materials in the construction of its collection. The idea is to design and manufacture furniture, lighting and accessories that would look stunning on their own, yet blends well with any interior without losing their identity.

The company’s team of designers draws inspiration from nature, and uses materials and design ideas that are reflective of the texture, colours, flavours and scents of nature.

Brabbu specialises in unique pieces that complements each other when set in one place.

To stay current and consistent with the changes of the times and the world, Brabbu travels and joins various design events all around the globe, and bring whatever new knowledge discovered into a new collection or product.

Brabbu Products

Inspired by nature. Fit for the urban lifestyle. Brabbu products are contemporary pieces that bear one or two elements of nature.

The Koi centre table has a base reminiscent of a Koi Carp’s body complete with scales. Some are covered, while others are not in order to mimic the fish’s capability to adapt. When the sun hits the scales, it will radiate the same way a Koi’s scale would on a pond during daytime. The table is topped with glass or marble.

Sequoia centre table mimics the look of a tree stump, complete with the natural look and characteristics of a cut tree. No one would think it was made of anything else, at first glance. The texture, varying shades and aged appearance of the walnut root table top is courtesy of the different veneer used to it. The brass base with aged patina completes this nature-inspired masterpiece.

The Canyon screen borrows its shape from the Grand Canyon, one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world. Similar to its namesake, the Canyon has a unique landscape with beautiful colours. This product is one of the easiest ways to bring nature into your home, and add a stunning characteristic at the same time.


Powel Sofa by Brabbu
Powel Sofa
From £5632
Latza Coffee Table by Brabbu
Latza Coffee Table
From £9709
Apache Table Lamp by Brabbu
Apache Table Lamp
From £2101
Himba Rug by Brabbu
Himba Rug
From £8914
Saki Xl Wall Lamp by Brabbu
Saki Xl Wall Lamp
From £2474
Cayo Armchair by Brabbu
Cayo Armchair
From £1330
By Appointment Only.
By Appointment Only.
Nuka Lounger by Brabbu
Nuka Lounger
From £2101
Koi Side Table by Brabbu
Koi Side Table
From £4239
Byscaine Rug by Brabbu
Byscaine Rug
From £7471
Ardara Ii Console Table by Brabbu
Ardara Ii Console Table
From £6328
Saboteur Sofa by Brabbu
Saboteur Sofa
From £9336
Eden Coffee Table by Brabbu
Eden Coffee Table
From £12581
London's Largest Luxury Showroom.
London's Largest Luxury Showroom.
Abbey Floor Lamp by Brabbu
Abbey Floor Lamp
From £2959
Ottawa Sofa by Brabbu
Ottawa Sofa
From £6303
Koben Suspension Lamp by Brabbu
Koben Suspension Lamp
From £2822
Zulu Dining Chair by Brabbu
Zulu Dining Chair
From £1131
Dalyan Lounger by Brabbu
Dalyan Lounger
From £1703
N20 Lounger by Brabbu
N20 Lounger
From £2076
By Appointment Only.
By Appointment Only.
Baraka Ii Cabinet by Brabbu
Baraka Ii Cabinet
From £16198
Baraka Chest of Drawer by Brabbu
Baraka Chest of Drawer
From £13464
Plateau I Dining Table by Brabbu
Plateau I Dining Table
From £22837
Gobi Rug by Brabbu
Gobi Rug
From £5855
Dukono Sofa by Brabbu
Dukono Sofa
From £3394
Kumi I Mirror by Brabbu
Kumi I Mirror
From £10356
Book An Appointment.
Book An Appointment.
Naicca Long Suspension Lamp by Brabbu
Naicca Long Suspension Lamp
From £9237
N20 Bar Stool by Brabbu
N20 Bar Stool
From £1827
Aurum Xl Wall Lamp by Brabbu
Aurum Xl Wall Lamp
From £2225
Cyrus Wall Lamp by Brabbu
Cyrus Wall Lamp
From £1131
Noaki Footstool by Brabbu
Noaki Footstool
Request Price
Inca Lounger by Brabbu
Inca Lounger
From £2449
Goroka Side Table by Brabbu
Goroka Side Table
From £2126
Yagua Rug by Brabbu
Yagua Rug
From £7049
Hera Sofa by Brabbu
Hera Sofa
From £8690
Lallan Ii Coffee Table by Brabbu
Lallan Ii Coffee Table
From £7695
Ike Pendant Lamp by Brabbu
Ike Pendant Lamp
From £659
Agra Console Table by Brabbu
Agra Console Table
From £10579
Karoo Sofa by Brabbu
Karoo Sofa
From £3319
Sequoia Coffee Table by Brabbu
Sequoia Coffee Table
From £14035
Kendo Floor Lamp by Brabbu
Kendo Floor Lamp
From £3369
Poppy Rug by Brabbu
Poppy Rug
From £4339
Saki Wall Lamp by Brabbu
Saki Wall Lamp
From £1455
N20 Armchair by Brabbu
N20 Armchair
From £1355
Sika Ii Lounger by Brabbu
Sika Ii Lounger
From £1778
Boma Sideboard by Brabbu
Boma Sideboard
From £4562
Apis Ii Dining Table by Brabbu
Apis Ii Dining Table
From £30047
Eruption Fireplace by Brabbu
Eruption Fireplace
From £16310
Saari Sofa by Brabbu
Saari Sofa
From £5085
Kumi Ii Mirror by Brabbu
Kumi Ii Mirror
From £8963
Aurum Suspension Lamp by Brabbu
Aurum Suspension Lamp
From £13712
Maa Bar Stool by Brabbu
Maa Bar Stool
From £1877
Elk Lounger by Brabbu
Elk Lounger
From £2698
Karoo Ii Bar Stool by Brabbu
Karoo Ii Bar Stool
From £2325
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