Headboards might be deemed as unnecessary from some people, but as soon as you start using one, you immediately understand why you would never go back. Not only do they protect you from the coldness of the walls, but they also give you the necessary warmth to fall asleep more easily. We at FCI have hundreds of different designs and patterns that can satisfy all your needs. There are some headboards which are "heavier" in looks than others, but mostly we want to offer ones that are both good-looking and which make our customers feel cosy.

We're also constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ideas, so you will find a few non-traditional headboards in our offerings as well. Headboards make it easy to sit up in bed and read your favourite manuscripts while savouring a cup of tea if you feel sick or a bit moody. They're a great way to give flair to the entire room because of their strong presence and their beautiful designs. Make sure to hop into our showroom to check them out personally if you wish to do so, otherwise you have the entire catalogue online for you to browse and enjoy.


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