Who Makes The Best Italian Furniture?

Who Makes The Best Italian Furniture?

As luxury furniture experts, we are often asked, who makes the best Italian furniture?

Italy has a long history of crafting some of the most stunning pieces of furniture. They are famous for their intricate designs that complement contemporary homes.

To help you decide who makes the best Italian furniture, we will first explore the history of Italian furniture and then suggest our top recommendations for Italian sofas.

History of Italian Furniture

Italy is the birthplace of many luxurious things, including cars, wines, and clothing. It's only natural that their craftsmanship also applies to their furniture.

Simple shapes that complement a wide range of styles are a hallmark of Italian design. It has two distinct aesthetics: traditional and modern.

    • Traditional: Traditional Italian sofas are known for their rich, ornate details and classic, timeless feel. It's a style that has stood the test of time and is still popular with our quintessential clients.
    • Modern: Modern Italian sofas are minimalist and lean towards a more contemporary approach with clean lines and open spaces. If you want to create a relaxing space, then a minimalist Italian sofa is what you need.

Types of Italian Furniture

Italian furniture is in itself a style that has been around for centuries and is still one of the most popular types of furniture today. There are many different types of Italian furniture available such as:

      • Wardrobes: They are known for their attention to detail and quality. Their designs are classic and elegant, focusing on simple and clean stripes.
      • Tables: Tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from small side tables that fit perfectly next to your bed or sofa to large dining room tables that can seat 10 people comfortably.
      • Sofas: Italian sofas are comfortable and durable. They last a lifetime and have a good amount of cushioning, so they are perfect if you need a lot of support as well.
Who Makes The Best Italian Furniture?
Who Makes The Best Italian Furniture?


What to Look for When Buying Italian Furniture

When you're shopping for Italian sofas or other furnishings, The elegance of the design makes it easy to get carried away, although many variables come into play when purchasing one. Here are a few things to consider:


Sectional Italian sofas are the most common option if you have children. Its size is perfect for large families but still comfortable enough to create a cosy ambience.


The fabric you choose should be strong and durable to withstand wear and tear over time, but also soft and comfortable enough to feel good against the skin. We suggest checking out our microfibre and leather Italian sofas for the perfect balance of style and support.


The cushion must be firm enough to offer support without feeling too hard and soft enough that you can relax into it comfortably.

How to Care for Your Italian Furniture

If you have an Italian sofa, you must wonder how to keep it looking its best. We're here to help you out! Here are some tips on how to care for your Italian sofas.

One of the most important tips is to vacuum it regularly. You can also use a soft brush to dust off any dirt or debris from the surface of your sofa.

You should also clean up accidental spills immediately, as this will prevent them from staining and causing damage to your Italian sofas.

You can avoid using unsuitable cleaning products by reading the care instructions that come with the majority of our Italian sofas.

Examples of Beautiful Italian Furniture

The most critical thing you can do while looking for Italian sofas is to verify you're purchasing from a reputable source. At FCI, we have curated a collection of luxury Italian sofas from some of the world’s most exclusive brands, both from Europe and beyond.

We aim to provide you with furniture that will last for decades while retaining its value. Our products are designed to be beautiful and comfortable that gives your space an elegant vibe.

We aim to provide you with furniture that will last for decades while retaining its value. Our products are designed to be beautiful and comfortable that gives your space an elegant vibe.

Here are some of our best Italian sofas:

      • Ottawa Sofa by Brabbu features an intricate frame design that will surely mesmerise your guests. This sofa provides a traditional sense of style due to its curvy shapes and is available in fabric or leather upholstery.
      • Argo Sofa by Porada offers great back support due to its lumbar cushions. It’s available in neutral colours such as white and grey if you are after the modern aesthetic!
      • Vertigo 2 Sofa by Silvano Luxury is perfect if you have limited space in your home. They come in standard 2-seater sofa sizes and are available for bespoke size options.

For sofa design inspiration and ideas on how to arrange your Italian sofas, take a look at our interior design project portfolio. Our recent projects will inspire you on arranging your Italian sofas in the most stylish way possible.

In conclusion

Italy is the home of elegance. Italian sofas tend to age gracefully due to the high-quality materials used. The artisan quality is also showcased with the sophisticated designs of Italian sofas.

To sum it up, there are definitely many brands housed by FCI that produce excellent Italian furniture. In the end, it will come down to a number of factors as to which one is your favourite.

There are undoubtedly a lot of sofa options to choose from, and we sincerely hope that we have assisted you in highlighting sofas that resonate with your taste.

If you need any advice on which Italian sofas work best for your current style, chat with our expert design team on WhatsApp. You can also come to check out our showroom to see our extensive collection of quality Italian sofas.

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