Which Sofa Is Best For a Small Living Room?

Which Sofa Is Best For a Small Living Room?

With so many different types and styles of seating on the market, which sofa is best for a small living room?

Furnishing a small room can make you feel like Goldilocks. You don’t want anything to feel bulky, yet you also need comfort. Ideally, the eye should be able to gracefully glide over all the elements you add to a compact space.

Luckily, there are plenty of stylish sofa options available, that not only look great but have some practical benefits too!

1. Sectional sofas are best for small living rooms as they provide more seating than a traditional sofa

Most homeowners believe that their small living rooms cannot handle large furnishings. On the contrary, one large sofa can anchor a room, making it feel more inviting and bigger.

It’s for this reason that sectionals like the New York Sofa by Gamma & Dandy, work great in tight spaces. Instead of having little spots of seating all over the place, this type of sofa allows you to seat everyone on one piece of furniture. Best of all, they also provide space to nap.

Just measure your room to ensure you get a size that leaves your pathways in and out of the space clear.

These are some of the different types of sectionals that can work in small spaces:

  • L-shaped Sectionals: extend in an L-shape, either to the left or to the right arm with two to five seats.
  • U-shaped Sectionals: feature a shallow or deep U-shape, depending on the number of seats on each side.
  • Chaise Sectionals: feature a chaise that appears on one or both sides of the L-shaped or U-shaped varieties, the chaise takes the place of several individual seats and allows for proper lounging.

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2. Choose a light colour sofa to make the room feel larger

A simple trick to making your living area feel more spacious is to use a light-coloured sofa. It will reflect light onto the room’s surfaces for a brighter and more open space.

Naturally white would be the most effective colour as it absorbs the least amount of light.

However, white may not be practical for most homes. In that case, choose from other popular neutrals like beige, creams, and greys to add sophistication and charm.

If you are looking for a different aesthetic, a lovely alternative to neutrals is soft pinks and pale pastels. They will bring character into your space whilst also reflecting light.

Which Sofa Is Best For a Small Living Room?
Which Sofa Is Best For a Small Living Room?


3. Opt for a low-profile sofa to save space

Tall backs on a sofa are to be avoided at all costs in a small room. Those high backs will be too dominant, and will resultantly overtake the space and throw off the scale.

They will only serve to interrupt your line of vision.

The same can be said of high, thick arms that taper out too much. They make a sofa feel boxy, cutting the sofa off from other pieces in the living room.

Keep your seating clean and minimal without a lot of decorative detailing. You can always add some throws and cushions for visual interest.

4. Get rid of any extra furniture that's taking up space in the room

If your space feels cluttered, it may be time to reevaluate your furniture setup. There are probably some items you can get rid of.

Some of the most common pieces that should not have a place in your compact living room are:

An entertainment centre

TVs are much slimmer now, and nobody uses DVD players and VCRs anymore. This eliminates the need for a large unit to store these gadgets and their Discs/tapes. Save on precious floor footage by mounting your TV.

Oversized speakers

Another eye sore. Those giant speakers used to be a status symbol, but they too have been replaced by thin sound bars. So ditch those free-standing boxes as fast as you can.

End tables

There is no rule that says that every seating arrangement must be completed with end tables. Unless they are absolutely necessary, you can do without them, your coffee table should suffice.

Too many storage pieces

Look around your room, is there a bookcase, curio cabinet, unused DVD tower, and other such storage pieces you don’t need? Rather invest in a sofa and coffee table with storage, or use a single tall shelving unit that can hold all your items.

Which Sofa Is Best For a Small Living Room?
Which Sofa Is Best For a Small Living Room?


5. If you have to have a coffee table, choose one with a lower profile

Coffee tables are not a must, but if you are going to have one, choose one with a low profile. Rectangular and ovals such as this Lauren Coffee Table by Eichholtz, work best in small living rooms.

Measure your sofa height and buy a table that is of a similar height to the sofa’s seat. This makes reaching for items easier.

The table’s length and width should leave about 45 cm between the sofa and the table’s edge. This provides adequate room for you to walk around it without stubbing your toes.

Because of these dimensions, you will quickly realise that you are going to need a table that’s much smaller than you thought.

6. Use colourful accessories and rugs to add personality to the room

Since your walls and sofa are likely to be in a neutral colour, you can add personality to your room by using colourful accessories.

A big rug in a bold pattern will make the space feel bigger, as the large size will not visually break up the floor.

As for other decor elements, the trick is to stick to a tight colour palette to ensure that your living room doesn’t look chaotic.

When adding artwork, hang it high up the wall so as to trick the eye up, expanding the height of the room.

Avoid overcrowding your pieces, organise items such as candles, frames, and books in groups of three. Don’t forget to add greenery, a few plants will add life to your design.

In conclusion

The best sofa for a small living room is one that ticks your boxes for comfort, style, and practicality.

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