What is the Minimum Size for a Walk-In Wardrobe?

Storage space is one of the most important features of the modern home, upping its value and contributing to a seamless, clutter-free environment. And, from ultra-glam to sleek and stylish, modern cabinetry can be custom-designed to fit into just about any space.

But if you’re after something really spectacular, you’re probably wondering: What is the minimum size for a walk-in wardrobe?

As experts in this field, our award-winning team has great news. Because, from small, open-concept offerings like the Pass wardrobe by Jesse, to grand installations like the Geometric wardrobe by Dall’Agnese, anything is possible. 

However, there are certain criteria that need to be considered before you commission the walk-in of your dreams. So join us as we take you through your options, leaving you to make an informed decision. 

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Things to consider before designing a walk-in wardrobe

Before you embark on this project, you will need to think about three important factors: 

Your budget

With hundreds of colours, finishes and features to choose from, setting reasonable goals in terms of your spend will determine your design limitations. We advise that you use your full budget to ensure that you get the best quality possible. To make the process even easier, use our simple online cost calculator to get an immediate estimate.

Your storage needs

Take an inventory of all your belongings and use it to determine how much space you will need for each category. Remember to include special requirements like tie or hat racks, taller hanging rails for long dresses, jewellery drawers and laundry baskets. Think about how your storage landscape might change in the future so that you can plan ahead. 

The size of your designated area

Accurately measure the space where you intend to install your cabinetry and then plan the arrangement of your compartments within those confines. Take structural elements like doors, windows and skirtings into account and check that your plans accommodate ease of use. The final structure should positively impact the overall functionality of your room.

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The importance of setting a minimum size limit

While your walk-in wardrobe can be as grand as you like, it’s important to set a minimum size of roughly 1.5 m x 1.5 m if you’re a single person and 2 m x 3 m if you’re designing it for two. 

This will allow you enough space for hanging rails, drawers and shelves if properly planned. 

For those who don’t have a spare room, there are many other placement possibilities. Think about converting the space under your stairs or subdividing your bedroom. You can also make a showroom booking with one of our experienced designers to discuss all your options. 

How to plan your walk-in wardrobe space 

A well-considered wardrobe should be used to its full potential. Here are some pointers to help you do exactly that:

  • Account for every square inch and fill them optimally. 
  • Make sure that each item is accessible, lessening the need to move objects in order to find what you’re looking for. 
  • Good organisation will allow you to store your possessions in a well-structured, logical manner, especially if you’re opting for an open-plan concept. 
  • Functionality is key. Your design should be big enough to fit everything in it but small enough to not waste space. 
  • Personalise your walk-in through customisations that align with your needs and the overall aesthetic of your room. 
  • Make sure that whatever you build is future-proof to avoid having to refurbish it later down the line.

Different walk-in wardrobe layouts

Island walk-in wardrobe

The most luxurious of them all, walk-ins that feature a central peninsula allow for a wide range of extra customisations such as ironing and laundry facilities, a built-in bar, extra drawers and shelving or even a make-up station. Take a look at the Venice wardrobe by EmmeBi for inspiration.

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Single-sided walk-in wardrobe

If you have space issues, this simple solution provides easy access by arranging shelves, hanging rods and drawers in a straight line. It’s an uncomplicated configuration that looks great in an open-plan environment. The Pleione walk-in by Barel is a great option for this layout.  

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Double-sided walk-in wardrobe

In this small to medium-sized storage space, the wardrobes are designed on opposite walls with a path down the middle, which often ends with a mirror on the wall.

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Open-door walk-in wardrobes

Doorless cabinets are a great idea if you love to show off your collections. Remember, though, that this could subject your clothing to an excess of dust, creating the need for extra maintenance. 

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L-shaped walk-in wardrobe

This small-sized wardrobe is usually seen in galleries or hallways with an L-shaped storage unit. It can also be designed in the space under the stairs. 

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You can also play around with different styles and mix them to create a bespoke walk-in closet. For example, if you have enough space, you can even adjust an island storage unit in your L-shaped wardrobe. 

Best day beds with storage
Best day beds with storage



How to make the most of a small walk-in wardrobe 

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create a successful, functional storage solution in a relatively small space. Here are some tips to get you started: 

  • Declutter: Start by getting rid of anything you don't wear or use.
  • Maximise your vertical space: Install shelving or storage containers above your hanging rails to make full use of the upper part of your wardrobe. 
  • Organise your footwear: Opt for customised racks or place your shoes in clear boxes so that they are easy to find. 
  • Use draw dividers: These are a wonderful way to separate different items like socks and underwear. It also stops them from rolling around haphazardly. 
  • Dress for the season: Pack your winter clothes away in storage boxes during summer and vice versa. This will ensure that your space isn’t overloaded and will keep anything not in use well preserved.
  • Use double hanging rails: These allow you to hang shirts and jackets at the top, and skirts and trousers below. You can then have a smaller area for full-length dresses and coats.
  • Do regular maintenance: Going through your collections on a regular basis will help to keep your apparel current and in keeping with your personal style.
Best day beds with storage
Best day beds with storage


Need more advice on your walk-in wardrobe ideas? 

Summing up, while walk-in wardrobes are considered a sign of luxury that is best suited for bigger rooms, they can work pretty well in smaller spaces too. 

If you’re planning to build a walk-in wardrobe in a small space, it is best to consult an experienced wardrobe designer as they can help you make the best use of your small space. According to most experts, the average size for a walk-in wardrobe would be around 7 by 10 feet, but a professional can help design a walk-in wardrobe for an even smaller space. 

Our award-winning wardrobe design team is here to answer any questions you may have about your walk-in wardrobe so book a free consultation today. 


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