Should You Have Backs on Fitted Wardrobes?

Beautifully constructed cabinetry is one of the most sought-after features in modern homes, keeping your possessions well looked after and your aesthetics clutter-free.

But, if you’re about to have something built from scratch, there are certain important design elements that are often overlooked. One of these is: Should you have backs on fitted wardrobes

You may be surprised to know that this seemingly simple inclusion could greatly affect the functionality, style and enjoyment you get out of your dressing experience. 

Join our experts as we delve into the significance of this pivotal debate, and the pros and cons of each outcome. 

Should you have Backs on Fitted Wardrobes


The role of backs in fitted wardrobes

Yes, they may be just a few millimetres thick, but wardrobe backs provide certain advantages that impact the integrity of your clothing. Let’s delve into them in more detail. 

What constitutes a wardrobe back?

Rear panels that are joined to the main structure of your cabinetry forming a barrier between your garments and the wall are referred to as “backs”. 

They can be constructed from a variety of materials including mirror panels, plywood and medium-density fibreboard (MDF), all of which can be completed in a finish of your choice. 

This construction provides you with an all-encompassing storage area that fully encases your clothing. 

What are the benefits of having wardrobes with backs?

    • Structural integrity: They provide the support needed to help preserve the wardrobe’s shape and stability over time, preventing warping, leaning and other types of deterioration. They will also help to distribute the weight of its contents more evenly.
    • Cleanliness: Creating an enclosed space limits internal exposure to dust, keeping your possessions fresher for longer. They also ensure that your clothing stays out of the public eye, so if you’re a naturally messy person, it’s definitely the way to go.
    • Protective barrier: The added layer ensures that nothing inside your wardrobe is exposed to moisture or humidity. This is particularly important should you have a damp issue in your walls or will be positioning your cabinetry near an en suite, preventing the formation of mould and mildew.
    • Style and aesthetics: Adding backs to a wardrobe ensures a clean, polished appearance, especially if you choose a finish that complements the rest of your décor. And, with plenty of options to choose from, they enable you to personalise your space according to colour, texture and style.
    • Noise reduction: The extra panel increases sound absorption, lessening any commotion made by opening your wardrobe doors or moving clothing around. This is especially useful if you share a room.

When to consider fitted wardrobes without backs?

Although there are numerous benefits to installing a fitted wardrobe with a back, there is really no hard and fast rule. In fact, in some circumstances, excluding them may even be a better option. Here are some such scenarios:

Open concept designs:

Keeping your cabinetry open plan helps to create a sense of space, which is particularly useful if you’re dealing with a small room. Take a look at the Plieone walk-in by Barel for some inspiration.

Creating a minimalist style: 

Currently one of the hottest interior trends this year, minimalism is making a comeback. Defined by clean lines and simple, functional furnishings, it promotes a clean, airy aesthetic that oozes serenity. If you love this genre, then a backless wardrobe like the Pass design by Jesse would be a great choice. 

Budget constraints: 

In general, it is cheaper to build a backless wardrobe than a fully-encased one as it requires much less materials and labour. So, if your potential spending is a little on the low side, it’s a surefire way to cut costs. 


Should you have Backs on Fitted Wardrobes
Should you have Backs on Fitted Wardrobes


Customising your wardrobe design choices

Employing the services of a reputable design and joinery team will ensure that you end up with a high-quality luxury wardrobe that is customised to your exact specifications. And, with over 35 years' worth of experience, our FCI London offering is definitely a cut above the rest. 

With over 200 options in terms of materials, handles, colours and finishes, you’ll be able to choose any layout, storage requirements and style you like. And we’ll make sure that, from conceptualisation to build and final installation, every step is perfectly executed. 

Here are some things to consider to ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for:

      • Individual compartments: Assess your clothing collection before deciding on what you’ll need in terms of drawers, shelving and hanging rails.
      • Special features: If you have the space, think about including unique additions like tie racks, shoe compartments, laundry bins and hat stands.
      • Materials: To create a seamless aesthetic, pick materials, finishes, colours and handles that blend in with the rest of your furnishings. While doing so, make sure that you consider the layout of your room to optimise every aspect. Mirror doors, for example, will help make compact areas look bigger, so are ideal if you have a space crunch.
      • Technology integration: Features like lighting, surround sound and USB points help to enhance our busy lifestyles and contribute to a more pleasurable experience.
      • Open and closed concept integration: If you can’t make up your mind, combining both backed and backless sections will give you the best of both worlds. 

How much does a fitted wardrobe cost?

Your required budget for a fitted wardrobe depends entirely on your choices in terms of materials, size and customisations. So until you know exactly what you want, it’s impossible to obtain a conclusive quote. 

However, if you need an instant estimate, simply fill out our easy-to-use online cost calculator and we’ll send you something you can work with right away.

In Conclusion

Adding backs to a fitted wardrobe is, at the end of the day, a personal choice. However, they do have certain advantages that help to protect your clothing collections, making them a worthwhile investment in the long run.

At FCI London, we’re here to help you make the best possible decisions based on factors like your budget, style and storage requirements.

So book a showroom consultation today and our top-notch team will take you through the process. 


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