How to Mix and Match Different Luxury Sofa Styles in Your Home

How to Mix and Match Different Luxury Sofa Styles in Your Home

I think we can all agree that it's rare these days to furnish a space with a complete set of furniture. The most dynamic homes easily combine elements from different eras and styles. Now, this might sound simple, but it can be really overwhelming if you've never tried it yourself.

It's about layering unique and personal pieces, telling a story and creating the compositions we crave. Matching is boring, so let's make it more interesting, shall we? Here are some of our styling tips to help you mix and match your luxury sofas.

1. Understanding the Basics of Mixing and Matching Sofa Styles

Mixing and matching different luxury sofa styles can be a fun and rewarding experience. With a little bit of understanding, creativity and these tips, you can create a space that is both functional and visually appealing. Remember to have fun and be open to unexpected combinations, you might be surprised how well different styles can work together.

Same Style But In Different Colours

One way to incorporate mismatching sofas is to choose sofas of the same style but with different colours. If you have a specific set of colours to design around, this is a great way to incorporate both of them into your styling palette.

Different Style Sofas With Similar Upholstery

A subtle yet fun way to mix and match your furniture is to choose different styles of sofas with matching fabric. By doing so, you allow the intricate details of each sofa to shine through. Tie your pieces together by choosing a similar colour for their legs.

Match Your Loveseats, But Not Your Sofa

Here's another fun sofa option for your living room. Instead of combining a sofa and armchair, use a main sofa and two matching loveseat armchairs. It's a great way to keep things cohesive, but it allows you some flexibility in choosing your furniture.

Match Bold Color With Neutrals

A near fail-proof decor choice is to pair sofas in bold colours with ones in neutral tones. A perfect example would be a mustard yellow sofa and a deep bluish-green velvet sofa that are tied together by pale neutral chairs, walls, and area rug.

For Something Really Unique, Mix And Match Your Sectional Pieces

Sectionals tend to be fairly large sofas, usually in a single colour of upholstery or leather. But if you love sectionals but want a unique look, why not try this approach? Choose from covered sections in different colours and patterns then add some throw cushions to tie everything together.


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2. Incorporating Different Sofa Styles into a Living Room

Initially, introducing different sofa styles into a living room may seem overwhelming, but it’s a lot easier than you think. What is key is to think of each sofa as a base layer or foundation. Think about the unique colours, textures and patterns of each seat, then decide which elements you would like to highlight.

Once you determine this, you can start to create visual interest and depth by adding accessories that tie the mismatched sofas together. As you shop, gather pillows and blankets that feature design elements from your sofas. This could be a certain style, colour or pattern. Once you have these, distribute them across the living room in a manner that results in a balanced, deliberate design aesthetic.

Alternatively, for a more minimalist look, find a small detail that ties your sofas together. An easy trick is to change the feet into a matching set to help bring the seats together.

Lastly, complete the look by anchoring your sofas on a rug that picks up elements from the different sofa styles. Arrange your floor plan so that the front legs of all your seats are standing on the rug. See our collection of luxury and contemporary rug options here.

How to Mix and Match Different Luxury Sofa Styles in Your Home
How to Mix and Match Different Luxury Sofa Styles in Your Home


3. Creating a Cohesive Look with Mixed Sofa Styles

Whether you are aiming for a bold maximalist look or a quiet minimalist aesthetic, following these five steps will help you achieve a cohesive look that makes your mismatched sofa styles look well thought out.

  • Start with a neutral base: Choose a neutral colour scheme for the room as a starting point, then add to it. This will make it simpler to combine several styles without the room feeling crowded.
  • Create a focal point: The room should be designed around one piece that will serve as the room's focal point. This will contribute to a unified appearance.
  • Play with textures: Mixing different textures can add interest to a space. For example, pairing a velvet sofa with a linen one will add visual interest.
  • Add a pop of colour: Shop for colourful accents that you can use to tie the different sofa styles together. These can include throw pillows, artwork or a colourful rug.
  • Be open-minded: Don't be scared to try out new combos and be open to unexpected pairings. You might be shocked by how nicely various styles can complement one another.

4. Mixing Modern and Traditional Sofa Styles

Combining designs from many eras can provide an interior that is lively, full of texture, and visually appealing. Modern and traditional interior design is very different. Because of this, allowing one style to rule the room is essential to make the combination work.

Choose the sofa style that best complements your room and let it guide your furniture selections. Next, incorporate a few components from the other sofa type. When you get it right, you'll either have a traditional room with contemporary elements or a modern design with traditional pieces.

In a modern home, choose a contemporary sofa with clean lines as your main seat, then complement it with a smaller traditional style sofa for a classic look. The reverse is true if your home has a more traditional feel.

Remember to balance your proportions: combining traditional and modern furniture of similar heights and scales allows you to have more flexibility in your space and leads to a sense of coordination surrounding your interior design.

How to Mix and Match Different Luxury Sofa Styles in Your Home
How to Mix and Match Different Luxury Sofa Styles in Your Home


5. Incorporating Different Sofa Styles into a Dining Room

Using sofas instead of chairs at a dining table can add warmth and depth to the space, making the room feel cosy and look luxurious. The dining room is a perfect space to experiment with dramatic sofa combinations as long as you keep your proportions and colour choices consistent.

No matter which sofas you opt for, keep these basic rules in mind as a guide:

Height Of The Sofa

Generally, standard sofas are designed with seats that are lower than those of a dining chair. Hence, in most cases, you will need to raise your sofas either by changing their legs, or a raised platform for them to stand on.

Avoid Sofas With Arms

You should have complete freedom of movement when eating at the dining table. A sofa with arms may make it difficult to accomplish that. Additionally, it gives off a claustrophobic vibe that will make mealtimes uncomfortable.

Use A Wipeable Sofa

Not all sofa materials will work well at a dining table. For easy cleaning, choose sofas that can easily be wiped down with a moist towel. Since you may often experience spills from food or liquids, choose mismatched sofas made with soft leather or synthetic material.

Keep Cushions

The ideal posture at a dining table is one that allows you to easily lean forward to take a helping of your meal. If your sofa has a deep seat, adding firm cushions will help your guests sit comfortably in a manner that prevents them from having to move back and forth countless times while having a meal.

6. Maximising the Impact of Mixed Sofa Styles

When it comes to mixing sofa styles, let contrast be your best strength. Pair straight lines with curves, dark fabric with light, and bold colours with neutrals. Just make sure they are tied together through decor elements used in the room.

Don’t be afraid to choose sofas that make a statement. A large, plush traditional sofa will make a big impact in a modern space, while a sleek, modern sectional will make a big impact in a traditional space.

It’s all about finding balance and harmony so that your pieces integrate seamlessly into each other. Furthermore, never underestimate the power of accents. A striking rug, unique scatter cushions, artistic lighting and luxurious throws will help you highlight the aspects of your decor that you love.

7. The Role of Colour in Mixing and Matching Sofa Styles

As design moves away from clinical all-white interiors, we are seeing more homeowners choose vibrant colours for their furniture pieces, and we love it!

Have a particular colour you adore? Why not select sofas in that colour but in different shades? This is a great opportunity to build a monochromatic look in space. From your walls to the curtains, rugs and accessories, you can carry this single colour throughout the room. This bold choice has a big design impact.

If you are working with two colours, we advise you to consult a colour wheel and use it to guide your selections. This will help you decide the two colours contrasting or complementary colours you can introduce.

Some tried and tested combinations include:

  • Orange and blue
  • Red and green
  • Green and pink
  • Brown and blue
  • Black and any colour
  • White and grey

If you're feeling especially daring, go for a triad colour scheme where you select three colours oppositely spaced from each other on the colour wheel. Use two of your chosen colours for your sofas, then introduce the third colour through your pillows and accessories.

How to Mix and Match Different Luxury Sofa Styles in Your Home
How to Mix and Match Different Luxury Sofa Styles in Your Home


8. Incorporating Different Sofa Styles into a Home Office

Your home office should be an extension of your home’s aesthetic and personality. As such, pay as much attention to its styling as you would to any other room in the house. A large office is a perfect excuse to add two comfortable sofas and use them to create the perfect spot to step away from your desk, have a conversation, take a call, or catch up on reading.

Whilst there are no rules to the patterns and textures you should choose for your office sofas, we advise sticking to colours that encourage productivity and calm. Other than that, have fun with your furniture. Sit a contemporary sofa next to a timeless antique.

As long as it doesn’t clash, it doesn’t need to match. Much like plaids and florals co-exist on the fashion runway, so can your sofas. Try these combinations:

  • Pair leather with chrome for a sophisticated vibe.
  • Choose plaids and stripes in the same colour family.
  • You can never go wrong with shades of grey. It will complement almost every colour scheme!

If your new sofas work with everything except the wall colour, it may be time for a new paint job that will pull it all together!

9. Pair a leather sofa with a fabric sofa

Perhaps one of the most classic sofa pairings is that of a luxurious leather sofa paired with a soft, cosy upholstered couch. This combination adds a certain “homey” elegance and eye-catching luxury to any space.

The best of both worlds can be found in this mismatch: a leather piece adds richness and sophistication to your room, while a fabric sofa oozes comfort and cosiness. You can get pretty creative and experiment with a variety of combinations to find what works best because each material offers a vast variety of colours, textures, forms, and styles.

If you're looking for something that's high-quality and easy to clean, leather is a fantastic choice. Simply guide your little children—or older children—to the leather sofa as you unwind in your favourite spot on your warm, cosy couch.

Be sure to choose pieces that are generally comparable in terms of size and shape, but you don't need to be overly picky about this.

10. Tips for Mixing and Matching Different Luxury Sofa Styles in Your Home.

It takes time for a beautiful space to come together. Avoid attempting to fix the entire living room at once. See how adding a single accent alters the dynamic between the two mismatched sofas. Play around and improvise.

  • If your living room is large enough, you can decide to move the two mismatched sofas farther apart in order to divide it into two separate areas. The distinctions between the two sofas will be lessened if the room's paint or wall covering is constant throughout the room.
  • Take advantage of lighting to even out the differences between your sofas. Consistent, even, warm and flattering lighting is an easy and inexpensive way to bring mismatched elements together.
  • Make sure your living room has enough direct and ambient lighting fixtures. Change the task lighting in different areas of the room so that it is at the same colour temperature.
  • With a sofa and loveseat, coordinating mismatched sets is even easier. A statement loveseat could be paired with a non-matching, neutral-coloured sofa, or vice versa. Another approach to make two unrelated pieces look more integrated is to match your curtains to the sofa or loveseat.

In Conclusion

We must conclude by saying what we always say to our customers: let the room reflect you. Start with what you're passionate about and the rest of the space will come together. Mixing and matching your favourite pieces is a great way to tell a story in your home.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to mix your sofas, you can start looking for contemporary luxury sofas that will fit your style and needs.

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