How Can I Make My Recliner Sofa More Comfortable?

The connection between health and relaxation is well documented, making sinking into a beautifully designed chair at the end of a busy day fundamental to your well-being. However, occasionally your seating may not be quite as supportive as you expected or, after years of use, it could start feeling a little worn. And that’s why we sometimes get asked: How can I make my recliner more comfortable? 

Perhaps the cushioning has become flattened or the armrests aren’t as firm as they once were? But don't worry, our expert team has some tips and tricks that will help you restore it to its former glory. 

Read on to find out more. 

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Assessing your recliner’s comfort level

If you’re trying to relax and your recliner is uncomfortable, it could contribute to you feeling physical pain and mental distress, which will negatively affect your mood. 

In order to avoid this, make time to evaluate the situation so that you can find solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. 

Here is a simple way to do this:

  • Sit down and figure out how your recliner makes you feel, focusing on every element from the head- and footrest to whether your body is properly aligned. 
  • Pinpoint any areas that bring you discomfort. Is the lumbar support adequate? Are the armrests too firm? Does the padding feel flat? Identifying these irritants will give you a clearer idea of how to resolve them effectively.
  • Make sure that you adjust it into different positions, taking note of whether you’re constantly shifting in your seat or feel the urge to add extra cushions. 

These subtle hints are the key to enabling you to turn your sub-par recliner back into a chair that will bring you optimal relaxation for years to come. Or find a new one that perfectly fits the bill.

So, whether you need to remodel the padding, modify the back placements or find ergonomic upgrades, here are some suggestions that will get the ball rolling.


Consider your upholstery

Bringing more than just aesthetic value, upholstery plays a crucial role in the comfort of your recliner and will impact your overall seating experience. Let’s break it down into two categories: 

Fabric Selection: 

Choosing the perfect fabric for your recliner is crucial and will contribute to an overall sense of luxury. As you’ll be sitting on it for long periods of time, we suggest you find something that feels like a second skin by making sure that it’s comfortable and durable.

Temperature Control: 

Breathable materials like linen and leather will help to control the temperature of your chair, ensuring that you don’t overheat or get too cold. This is particularly important during the hot summer months and will enhance your ability to relax and unwind. For true luxury in quality leather, take a look at the Fiji recliner range from Sitting Benz.

Adjust the recline angle

Finding the right recliner positioning isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept and plays an important role in your ability to relax. 

To determine your perfect comfort zone, adjust the back- and footrests by using the controls on the side of the chair. The ideal spot depends on personal preference and varies from person to person, so while some enjoy being fully horizontal, others may favour a more upright position. 

We suggest that you start off with a gentle recline and adjust the seat until you have no tension or discomfort in your muscles and feel completely at ease. During the process, pay attention to the following:

The back angle:

Adjusting the back angle of your chair can alter the distribution of your body weight, drastically influencing the degree of support you get. You may find, therefore, that a more reclined position may be ideal for relaxing, while an upright tilt is better suited to reading and other tasks. 

The footrest location: 

When reclining, adjust the footrest so that your feet are comfortably supported without exerting pressure. This improves blood circulation and relieves strain on your lower back. An optimum footrest position should match your body's natural posture, allowing you to rest at ease. 

Adding ergonomic support

Ergonomics is the science of designing for human comfort and is a key component in taking your relaxation experience to the next level. Here’s what to look out for: 

Neck and Head Support: 

It is critical that your neck and head remain properly supported at all times, so including pillows and adjustable headrests is advisable. Not only do they promote a relaxed posture, making it easier to read or watch TV, but they will also help relieve tension on the cervical spine. Take a look at the soft head cushioning on the Kim recliner from Fama for inspiration.

If your recliner doesn’t have either or them, we suggest you invest in at least one, ensuring your body is naturally aligned every time you have a seat. 


Armrests are frequently overlooked when it comes to comfort, but they play an important role in allowing you to rest comfortably, thereby relieving tension in your shoulders and upper back. 

Adjustable versions guarantee that your recliner will accommodate a variety of body types and postures, allowing the whole family to enjoy their downtime. Find ones that are padded and comfortable for optimal ease.

Choosing the right accessories

Accessorising your recliner is akin to adding the finishing touches to a painting. These inclusions are important not just for increasing comfort but also for personalising your seating experience. Here are some ideas:

Blankets & throws: 

On chilly days, a cosy blanket will transform your recliner into a warm refuge, allowing you to fully relax and rest. 

A plush throw draped across the backrest will provide both a stylistic element and encourage you to snuggle up luxuriously. 

Both of the above will also add a pop of colour and texture to your ensemble, so make design choices that complement your existing decor. 

Lumbar support and cushions: 

Because the lumbar region bears the majority of the body's weight, appropriate support is necessary. 

Include at least one of the following in your accessory choices to ensure that your muscles stay relaxed, especially if you are reclining for long periods of time: 

  • Ergonomically designed cushions fit perfectly into the natural curvature of your lower back, promoting good posture and minimising strain. 
  • Placing a rolled towel or pillow beneath your knees will also help relieve postural strain and improve circulation.
  • Pillows are key components when it comes to head support. We suggest you play around with different shapes and sizes until you find one that brings you optimal comfort. 
  • A footrest cushion can also make a big difference, elevating your feet and improving blood circulation which helps reduce swelling and fatigue. Look for a product that fits the size of your recliner's footrest and provides enough support for your feet and ankles.

When sourcing these accessories, pay attention to your material choices. Memory foam, feathers and microfiber are excellent options as they will help to evenly distribute your weight. 

You'll find that just a few small pillows positioned strategically in specific spots will make an enormous difference to your comfort levels.

Use a footrest: 

Most luxury recliners include a built-in footrest which provides a simple, effective solution when it comes to alleviating pressure in your lower legs. This can be especially beneficial if you suffer from swelling or circulation issues. 

If yours doesn’t have one, we suggest you invest in an ottoman to ensure that you are able to recline optimally. Products like the Kangou rocking chair by Fama have matching footstools that can be upholstered to perfectly suit your decor. 

Find something that mirrors the seat height of your recliner and is wide enough to provide adequate support for your feet and ankles. 

Install a massage feature:

If it’s not already built in, installing a massage feature can be a great way to enhance the benefits of your recliner. 

There are plenty of different options available, so hunt for something that suits your specific needs and follow the manufacturer's instructions when you fit it. We also advise that you add a timer to avoid overuse, which could cause discomfort or injury. 

Regular maintenance and cleaning

Because recliners have mechanical parts, regular cleaning is key if you want to ensure their longevity. Here are some maintenance tips:


Different upholstery materials necessitate specific cleaning methodologies, so check the manufacturer’s instructions before commencing. These are some general pointers:

  • Vacuum on a regular basis to remove dust.
  • Keep leather supple by conditioning it with a recommended product several times a year. 
  • Make sure that you attend to spills immediately or contact a professional cleaning company to assist you. 
  • Keep your recliner away from heat and direct sunlight. 

Adhering to a good sofa cleaning routine will ensure that it looks fantastic at all times and adds to a healthier environment. 

Mechanism upkeep: 

Buried beneath the layers of comfort lies the complex mechanism that allows you to recline. And keeping this in good working order is fundamental to a pleasant seating experience. 

Make sure that all screws and connections remain tight at all times and oil the moveable parts frequently. Failing to do this may result in physical discomfort and even danger. 


From selecting the right fabric to adding high-quality accessories, there are multiple ways in which to enhance the comfort levels of your recliner. 

But before you even begin, you’ll need to find one that exudes luxury and ergonomic excellence. So, if you’re hunting for the perfect piece, contact us today. 

From beautiful sofas and dining tables to beds and wardrobes, we have everything you need to make your home beautiful. To find out more, visit our London showroom or book a video call and let our expert designers give you a guided tour. 



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