Our bedrooms should offer a tranquil space to rest. Great bedroom design plays an important role in getting a good night’s sleep, and can make all of the difference to the quality of your rest. As one of the most highly sought after furniture brands in the world, Gamma & Dandy are a great go-to when it comes to redesigning your bedroom.

Whether you’re looking to make subtle stylish changes, or you’re starting from scratch, Gamma can help you with those key pieces of furniture that make a huge difference. Here’s how to create a stylish and contemporary bedroom with Gamma & Dandy…

The Statement Piece…

In your bedroom, your bed is often the largest piece of furniture. The bed you choose makes a big statement and says a lot about the room. It’s a good idea to start with finding your perfect bed and build your scheme from there. When it comes to choosing a bed, it’s important to consider both design and comfort. When it comes to the Gamma beds, while appearance plays a strong role in the design, each and every bed is made to be super comfortable and from premium materials to ensure you get a good night’s sleep for years to come.

Kong Night Bed

With a classic and simple design, the Kong Night Bed has a contemporary twist with slim legs that lift it off the floor. The headboard features really deep upholstery, adding to the comfort and the look and feel of the bed. Stitching down the middle adds interest and defines each side of the bed, so there’s no need to argue over each side of the bed.

Aston Night Bed

This super luxurious bed is a real statement piece and will add instant wow factor to your bedroom. The Aston Night Bed features a quilted detail allover, with deep tufting and buttons covered in leather. The headboard is wider than the bed itself, creating a presence in the room and becoming the focus point of this striking contemporary design.

Twist Night Bed

Focusing on simplicity and minimal design, the Twist Night Bed is sleek and sophisticated. While simple, this bed has a real presence in the room. Sitting low and with a sleek but chunky profile, the bed is finished in beautiful soft leather with simple stitching detail.

Adding Style and Practical Storage…

In addition to your bed, bedside tables also play an important role in your bedroom design. Offering much needed storage, bedside tables placed either side of your bed also go a long way to pull your room together, adding that all important finishing touch and designer finish.

K07 Bedside Table

On tall and slim wooden legs the K07 Bedside Table is contemporary with a classic twist. The top of the table is completely wrapped in beautiful soft leather, and includes a simple leather strap to allow you to open the internal drawer with ease. Providing just the right amount of storage space next to the bed, it also offers surface space for a bedside lamp or beautiful home accessories such as a vase or candle.

K06 Bedside Table

Wall mounted for a super sleek and contemporary finish, the K06 Bedside Table is neat and simple, yet has a real presence in the room. Wrapped in leather, it has a real luxurious feel to it and is super soft to touch. If you want to streamline the look further, you can roll down the front cover to conceal the drawer too, to keep your bedroom design super minimal. Choose from over 120 colours too to compliment your scheme perfectly. Starting with these two key pieces – your bed and your bedside table – is a great way to shape your entire scheme and ensure everything works together.

Gamma is the ideal option if you favour contemporary design with some classic details. Once you have chosen your Gamma bed and bedside tables, you can go on to develop a completely scheme. Remember that your bedroom needs to be designed for rest and relaxation – keep things simple and avoid adding distracting elements that are too busy or fussy. Great bedroom design considers both aesthetics and comfort, to ensure you always feel calm and relaxed in your bedroom, as well as super comfortable to ensure you have a great night’s sleep every night. Gamma can help you achieve the ultimate in bedroom design.

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