6 Coat Stands That Will Add a Wow Factor to Your Entrance Hall

6 Coat Stands That Will Add a Wow Factor to Your Entrance Hall

Coat stands are so much more than a simple functional piece offering storage close to the front door. When you begin to see them as design features, you start to look beyond the norm when it comes to coat storage. This allows you to think outside the box – to look at designs you might never have considered before, designs that will be a real statement piece in your home.

The humble coat stand can really add a wow factor to your entrance hall, you just have to look further than the basic traditional design…

Top 06 beautiful stands for your favorite coat or jacket

1. The Yannik Coat Hanger by Cattelan Italia

The Yannik Coat Hanger by Cattelan Italia
The Yannik Coat Hanger by Cattelan Italia


Acting as both practical seating and coat storage, Yannik Coat Hanger has real sophistication about it. The design takes functionality to the next level, offering multiple benefits. The seat is made of black painted ashwood or covered in soft leather, while the valet stand and frame is in matt black steel and solid Canaletto walnut.

Place in your entrance hall as additional seating for guests to take their shoes off and hang their coat when they enter. You can also choose from over 40 unique finishes for the seat, so you can decide how bold or subtle you want the design to be. 

2. The Valdo Coat Hanger by Cattelan Italia

More of a sculpture than a functional piece of furniture, the Valdo Coat Hanger is both beautiful and practical. It’s been suggested that the design is inspired by a gentleman’s braces, with the long slightly curved sections. Each section features a hook to the top, to hang coats all around, making this a really functional piece.

The design can be playful or subtle, depending on which finish you choose. For something bold, go for the polished red varnished steel, or keep the look sophisticated with the embossed graphite option.

3. The Sipario Coat Hanger by Cattelan Italia

The Sipario Coat Hanger by Cattelan Italia
The Sipario Coat Hanger by Cattelan Italia


Yet another sculptural yet functional piece by Cattelan Italia, the Sipario Coat Hunger could be likened to the shape of a beautiful shell, or an iconic opera house. Original and striking, this will well and truly add the wow factor to your entrance hall. 

In simple white polyethene, the coat stand will fit seamlessly in white and bright interiors, or act as a stark contrast against dark walls and floors. Guests may be unsure whether this piece is a work of art or a coat hanger, but that’s the beauty of the Sipario design.

4. The Oscar Coat Stand by Cattelan Italia

Organic and contemporary with a classic mid-century feel, the Oscar Coat Stand is sure to be a talking point when people first enter your home. Featuring a teepee like design, Oscar is strong and sturdy to the base, and light to the top. It’s sold base is made from travertine, while the frame can be made from walnut or burnt oak. 

This tall piece will stand proud in your entrance hall. As a truly striking statement, this coat stand is all you need to create an impact and add personality.

5. The Baum Coat Hanger by Cattelan Italia

This unusual design at first glance looks like a sculpture, modeled on a winter tree that’s lost all of its leaves. Baum is German for ‘tree’ which is an apt name for this stunning piece. With extending arms for hanging coats, bags and accessories, the Baum Coat Hanger is as useful as it is beautiful. 

With a matte white finish, the design has an almost ethereal feel to it. Stylish and simple yet expected, this coat stand will add an organic yet modern feel to your home.

6. The Air Coat Stand by Cattelan Italia 

The Air Coat Stand by Cattelan Italia
The Air Coat Stand by Cattelan Italia


This unusual design concept hangs from above, offering storage and hanging space within the entrance hall. Ideal for narrow hallways in period properties, the Air Coat Stand keeps the floor space free, instead hanging from the ceiling. 

It appears at first glance to be a work of art, especially when it doesn’t have anything hanging from it. The unique shape is truly eye catching, and the design is available in five beautiful finishes. 

Coat storage clearly doesn’t have to be boring or primarily functional, it can be beautiful too, and is well worth being playful and adventurous with. Cattelan Italia allows you to do just that, with its stunning collection of coat stands to add a wow factor to your entrance hall. 


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