20 Best Eichholtz Accessories for Contemporary Interiors

20 Best Eichholtz Accessories for Contemporary Interiors

Style enthusiasts will tell you that accessories are crucial for modern interior design, bringing flair, charm and character to any room. They also add harmony, contrast and a sense of balance to your aesthetics and help to turn an ordinary environment into something chic.

So, whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind mirror, a sleek table lamp or a luxury rug, here are our 20 best Eichholtz accessories for contemporary interiors.

Constantly collaborating with leading designers, this Dutch-based company is renowned for its quest to bring high-end furniture and accessories from Asia to the world.

Now a household name, it focuses on classic concepts and flawless craftsmanship, making it a brand synonymous with quality, timelessness and sophistication. And, with a range that spans almost 4000 products, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

If you’re in the process of a home refurbishment and are on the hunt for some décor items that will transform your space into a masterpiece, read on!

The Importance of Luxury Accessories in Interior Design

Luxury accessories are essential in the creation of a well-designed home and offer the finishing touches you need to pull your entire concept together.

From plush throws and bespoke artwork to statement chandeliers and glam bar trolleys, every carefully-considered piece of décor will boost the overall appearance of your space.

They are also an ideal way to add a striking focal point to your room. A spectacular sculpture, for example, is bound to spark interest and conversation, encouraging guests to appreciate all your creative efforts.

Furthermore, many accessories are made to serve a specific purpose, increasing your living areas' functionality. For instance, adding visual interest, an elegant table lamp will permit you to read a book, while a soft rug will generate warmth underfoot.

One of the primary advantages of investing in these items is that they create a sense of individuality if they’re exclusively crafted from high-quality materials.

We recommend that you always choose things of value rather than mass-produced bric-a-brac. And don’t hesitate to add a personal touch by finding things that have sentimental worth – because surrounding yourself with things you love is always a good idea.

5 Reasons to Love Eichholtz ccessories

Since its inception in the 1990s, Eichholtz has become a force to be reckoned with in the luxury furniture industry.

Over the years, the brand has set itself apart by creating modern interpretations of Asian-style antiques, fusing traditional art concepts with contemporary twists. With a global client portfolio of over 10,000 restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and private residences, it has become known as an Haute Couturier in interior design.

This is why we love Eichholtz products:

  • With a knack for perfectly interpreting any brief, its dynamic team offer beautiful, personalised solutions to any home décor style.
  • Every accessory is elevated by Eichholtz’s use of traditional materials such as blown glass, marble, cut wood and cast copper.
  • Each item is distinguished by meticulous attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship.
  • Clean lines and timeless designs are its trademarks, making them a versatile option that will match any style.
  • The brand’s accessories inventory is extremely broad. So, from designer trunks and shelving to bathroom racks and footstools, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Eichholtz is guaranteed to bring an added layer of visual appeal to your aesthetics, making every offering an investment that you’re sure to appreciate for years to come.
20 Best Eichholtz Accessories for Contemporary Interiors
20 Best Eichholtz Accessories for Contemporary Interiors


Let’s look at 20 of our design team’s favourite pieces and why they’re must-haves for your home:

Eichholtz Lighting Accessories

With their ability to completely transform the look and feel of your home, lighting accessories play a crucial role in any interior design project.

From setting the mood to highlighting key design features and adding a welcoming touch, proper illumination affects the ambience, visual appeal and functionality of your room.

So whether you’re working, relaxing, or entertaining, here are Eichholtz lighting solutions that will brighten up your space:

The Opera chandelier

Adding class and sophistication to any interior, chandeliers are guaranteed to create a focal point in any room. And, if you’re looking for an absolute wow factor, the Opera by Eichholtz is sublime. With its shimmering glass spheres opulently encased in elegant gold rings, it’s a contemporary take on a classic that’s sure to be the talk of the town.

The Sorento wall light

If you’re looking for a way to illuminate your walls and add a soft glow to your surroundings, the Sorento wall sconce is a fabulous choice. Featuring a black fabric lampshade encasing sculptural iron twigs that are beautifully finished in antique brass, this piece will add artistic flair to your décor.

The Gagnon floor lamp

Floor lamps are undoubtedly the darlings of the design world. They can add height and depth to your spaces and will fill empty corners with a decorative flair. One of our all-time Eichholtz favourites is the Gagnon. With its contemporary look comprising six radiating stems topped with a lily-like white glass shade, it’s guaranteed to infuse your living spaces with a sense of style.

The Atilla table lamp

Whether you’re furnishing a reading nook, illuminating your desk or finding something to light up your bedside table, a desk lamp is just the ticket. Striking, contemporary and an excellent choice if you need focused task lighting, the Atilla table lamp is a perfect choice.

The geometric, brass-finished base and cylindrical alabaster shade are elegant and minimalistic, making it a standout piece for modern homes.

Eichholtz Storage Accessories

For all design professionals, storage plays a role in the cohesivity and neatness of your home, making it an essential aspect of a well-considered layout.

Aside from keeping your living areas clutter-free, they are also a great way to maximise space in smaller homes, making rooms appear larger and more welcoming.

From shelves and cabinets to chests and bookcases, Eichholtz has a fantastic range to choose from.

The Kani chest

Available in a set of two, the Kani trunks are a must-have if you’re looking for a sophisticated way to store your linen, toys or board games. Handcrafted by skilled artisans and inspired by antique Chinese kists, their simple structure in black lacquered wood is enhanced by brass clasps and carrying handles.

The Soto bookshelf

For those who love a more industrial look, the Soto bookcase is a crowd-pleaser. Inspired by the Bauhaus genre, this fabulous stainless steel shelving system provides a striking way to display your favourite reads, photographs and ornaments while adding to the functionality of your home. It’s also available in a brass finish for those looking for extra glam.

Eichholtz Bar Accessories

If you’re a born entertainer and are looking to up the ante by adding a touch of class to your interiors, then a bar trolley or cabinet will do the trick.

They not only give you handy places to store your drinks and glasses, but they're also a great way to wow your guests.

Available in many different styles ranging from vintage to modern, Eichholtz has created a range that’s sure to stir you up.

The Oakhurst bar trolley

Add some Art Deco pizzazz to your cocktail party with the opulent Oakhurst bar trolley. Sporting stainless steel frame finished in gleaming gold and embellished with two smart black glass shelves, you’ll be shaking up Daiquiris like a pro.

The Martini Bianco drinks cabinet

Eichholtz has captured the elegance of old-world charm in the design of its foldout Martini Bianco drinks cabinet. With a storage rack that will accommodate seven wine bottles, a glass holder, two drawers and five open shelves, there’s ample space for all your favourite tipples.

The Patio drinks cabinet

For those who love alfresco living, the Patio drinks cabinet is the perfect accompaniment to your summer soirees. Glass-fronted so that you can have everything on display, it offers an expansive space for several bottles and you can keep glassware, shakers and a range of bar tools in the slatted cupboard below.

20 Best Eichholtz Accessories for Contemporary Interiors
20 Best Eichholtz Accessories for Contemporary Interiors


Eichholtz Footstools and Benches

Ottomans and benches are adaptable, functional furniture pieces that provide numerous benefits in home design.

Whether you use them as extra seating, a footrest or even a space to put your glasses and magazines, they’re an easy and versatile way to enhance your home.

Comfortable, practical and visually appealing, Eichholtz has numerous options to choose from, some even with extra storage for your convenience.

The Sienna bench

Part of a luxurious range of sofas, ottomans and armchairs, the Sienna bench is clad in soft grey tufted velvet and features gold-finished legs for extra allure. So, whether you’re creating a reading spot by the window or a cosy seat near the fire, it’s a must-have choice that will blend seamlessly with any aesthetic.

The Vista Grande ottoman

Whether you use it as a standalone seat, a handy coffee table or a footrest for three, the Vista Grande ottoman will add a final flourish to your living room ensemble. Available in either white or sand with a black base, it’s a gracious addition that perfectly matches any of the sofas in the same collection.

The Arnaud bench

With its vintage appeal, solid wood frame, V-shaped legs and handwoven rattan seat, the Arnaud bench will bring minimalistic style to your balcony or patio. And, if you don’t like a natural, rustic feel, it comes in various finishes to suit your taste.

Eichholtz Mirrors

Not only will mirrors create the illusion of extra space, but they will also help to enhance both natural and artificial light, bringing brightness to your home. In addition, many of them are ornamental and add to the visual interest of your walls, hallways and passages.

Strategically placed, they also can draw attention to your architectural features, artworks or focal points and serve as valuable tools for grooming and dressing.

Here are three fabulous options:

The Capri standing mirror

With its sleek lines and nickel finish, the Capri standing mirror is ideal for walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms and will complete your vanity space. Suitable for traditional and modern aesthetics, it has built-in castor wheels to make it easy to move around at your convenience.

The Solaris mirror

If you’re looking for a focal point that will stand out, we suggest you jazz up your living or dining area with Eichholtz’s dazzling Solaris mirror. Inspired by the sunburst shapes that adorned the walls of the Palace of Versailles in the 17th century, this glamorous piece is fit for a king. Available in two sizes to suit your space.

The Mulini mirror

If you adore Art Deco, the luxurious Mulini will allow you to tap into the world of 1920s chic, bringing a touch of glamour to your aesthetics. Its interlocking, geometric frame is made from a combination of black and amber glass and houses an elegant bevelled central mirror, making it a perfect addition to any contemporary home.

Eichholtz Rugs

Rugs are one of the most essential accessories in interior design. They are also the best way to add texture and pops of colour to any room, especially if you choose one in a complementary shade.

Furthermore, a good area rug can absorb sound, thus reducing noise levels. This is particularly useful for apartment living. And, if you have wooden or tiled floors, they will protect them from getting scratched. So we highly recommend that you get one – and Eichholtz has a range to die for.

The Palazzo rug

If you’re looking for a round rug that will fit snugly under your dining or coffee table, the Palazzo black and white edition is excellent. Its striking design and thick, hand-tufted pile made from 100% New Zealand wool will bring a sense of flair to your ensemble. Also available in other colours and finishes to suit your style.

The Crown rug

There’s no need to leave your floors bare and boring with the sumptuous Crown rug from Eichholtz. Hand-woven from viscose fibres, it is beautifully warm with a raised waffle pattern giving it texture and visual appeal to any aesthetic. And, with a range of subtle, monochromatic hues you’ll find one that matches your furnishings.

20 Best Eichholtz Accessories for Contemporary Interiors
20 Best Eichholtz Accessories for Contemporary Interiors


Eichholtz Room Dividers

Providing a versatile solution to space management, room dividers can create separate zones in your home, allowing you privacy without needing additional walls.

They also serve as decorative items and can often be customised to match your existing design genre, making them a practical and stylish addition to any refurbishment project.

The Juliane folding screen

With natural cane panels and a simple wooden frame in a choice of finishes, the Juliane room divider will infuse your space with retro charm. Use it to create a dressing area in your bedroom or separate your TV room from your entertainment lounge, hassle-free.

Eichholtz Headboards

Headboards act as a focal point in a bedroom, drawing the eye in and providing visual appeal to your space.

They also give your bed a sense of completion and refinement, making it look well-designed and stylish.

Aside from aesthetic value, headboards are also functional and provide support and comfort while sitting up and reading or watching a movie. Furthermore, they serve as a barrier between your sleeping space and the wall, protecting your paintwork from becoming damaged. So if you don’t have one, we suggest you invest today.

The Gansevoort headboard

Attached to the stainless steel frame of a four-poster bed, the glamorous Gansevoort headboard will add a touch of luxury to your boudoir. With its two amply padded button-back panels in ecru velvet, it’s the perfect way to make your master bedroom look magnificent.

The Holborn headboard

The elegant Holborn headboard will add personality and a sense of sophistication to your bedroom décor. With its pebble grey upholstery and cosy padding, it’s designed for comfort and will ensure your private sanctuary is your favourite place.

Shop Luxury Eichholtz Accessories at FCI London

At FCI London, we’re passionate about design and have spent over three decades curating a selection of furnishings that ooze quality and style.

In keeping with their global standing, Eichholtz is one of our most popular brands and offers a range of home décor items that tick all the right boxes. So whether you’re looking for a luxury sofa or a full range of accessories, you’ve come to the right place.

Find out more by getting in touch with us or popping into our spectacular showroom for a guided tour. Our experienced design team is ready to help you with all your refurbishment needs.

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