FCI London was established in 1985 and has grown from a 5000 sq ft showroom to one of the largest designer furniture and lifestyle houses in the UK.

We are an independently owned family business with deep roots in furniture design, manufacture and interiors. We have one of the largest contemporary furniture showrooms in the UK, displaying the most exclusive quality pieces from the world’s most exclusive quality designers.

Over the last 30 years we've travelled all over Europe, sourcing the very best and innovative furniture making workshops and factories around. Before the internet and even before mobile communication, Mr. & Mrs. Nagree, the founders of FCI London, were gallivanting through dusty back roads in Udine, Manzano and umpteen other little towns, meeting artisans and designers.

Over many years they painstakingly pieced together a collection of furniture that today forms the backbone of the range on offer at FCI London. Many of the most important brands that you see in the UK market today first entered the UK with FCI London, then know as Furniture Craft International.

Moving forward, technology and demand have changed how we meet new suppliers but our attention to detail has not.

FCI London are well known in the design industry for discovering previously unknown little gems. We have a great eye to spot furniture designers, contemporary pieces and furniture brands that are destined to make it big. We were the first company in the UK to introduce brands such as Calligaris, Cattelan Italia, Porada, Mantellassi, Bacher Tische, Logo, Naustro Collection, Sovet Italia, Frag, Leolux and many more to the unsuspecting British public.

Over the years we have developed many close relationships with the designers who design for the most interesting and innovative brands in the world.

We know all the industry professionals across Europe from export managers and factory owners to agents and production heads. We love what we do and we love the brands that we work with. For 30 years we have been fine tuning our selections and relationships; many have grown stronger and more powerful and some have fallen away. Sometimes it can happen that a brand will slip in product quality or customer service. We monitor this closely and if they don't resolve their issues quickly, we will remove the brand from our offer until they demonstrate to us that they are back in control. This means that our clients are never exposed to poor quality in any sense of the word. Before selecting a contemporary furniture brand to showcase, we deeply evaluate their suitability. Of course we look at design first  (that's what often attracts us in the first place) but after that we make sure we get to know the people behind the contemporary design.

We endeavour to understand not only their design philosophy but their entire approach to business and the furniture industry. We visit their contemporary furniture workshops or modern furniture production facilities and understand their processes in detail. Very importantly, we investigate their systems for quality control and damage checking. We look at their sourcing - where do they buy their raw materials from? Are they all ethically sourced and within EU guidelines? Where does the leather come from?

Only once we are 100% satisfied with this does the brand become eligible to grace the FCI London showroom floor.

With over 100,000 client orders under our belt, we have a reputation and pedigree that few can boast and have been involved in contemporary and classic interiors for over 30 years.

We are extremely proud of our interior design service and have helped thousands of residential & commercial clients achieve fantastic results using our innovative 3D design techniques.

We help our clients with a huge array of additional services including Product Sourcing, Home Automation, Art Consultancy, Decoration & Construction, Lighting Consultancy and much more.

We absolutely love what we do and we hope to get an opportunity to meet you at one of our showrooms soon.

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