Home automation doesn’t need to be complicated. Nor does it have to cost the earth.

We can help demystify the entire home automation process and help you select and design a system which will do exactly what you want it to.

Broadly speaking, the principle points of discussion fall into the following categories:

Speakers? Do you want wall or ceiling mounted speakers in all or many of your rooms?

Mulit-room? Do you want the ability to watch different channels in different rooms without the need for lots of equipment in each room?

Database? Do you want all your movies, home videos, music and photos to be stored in one place and accessible throughout the house?

Lighting control? Do you want a simple lighting control system with basic pre-set moods and diming capability or do you want a more complex system that allows detailed lux manipulation?

Security? How many cameras do you want installed and do you want to be able to control them from your phone or from an off site PC?

Curtains & Blinds? Do you want to be able to pre set what time these open and shut electrically or are you happy to use a drawstring and do it the old fashioned way?

Breaking the smart home discussion into digestible mouthfuls allows us to help you design a system that you’re actually going to use fully.

All too often clients opt for smart home systems whose specifications are far beyond what the client will use.

Once we’ve agreed on the requirements of the system, we’ll produce a complete quotation including all costings and hardware recommendations.

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