Why we support
Yuva Unstoppable.

  • They are audited by KPMG & Deloitte; the audits show an operational running cost of 7.5%.
    Most charities spend between 25% - 55% of donations on operational costs.
  • The founder and many of his senior team work full time for the charity, for free.
  • They measure everything they do and provide detailed reporting - we know exactly where all the funds are going.
  • Most importantly, we love their cause.
    They lift extremely poor, underprivileged children out of poverty by feeding them and educating them.
  • A share of all our annual profits go to Yuva.
    If you're a client of ours, your purchase has supported this.
    Thank you.
  • We'd love you to further support this important cause with us, if you can.

You can donate online through our UK charity partner, One Kind Act.
Even just £30 will feed a child for 2 months.