The right lighting fixture can make an illuminating difference to any interior and create the kind of mood that you want to achieve. It will not only brighten up a room, but make for an enlightening accessory and focal point. With Vibia as your source of high quality and luxurious lighting, you can bet that your path to achieving beautiful interiors will be well lit. With a focus on office furniture, you can also rely on Vibia to turn a workspace into a cosy and inspiring nook.

The Vibia History

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Vibia debuted in 1987 as an emerging force in the lighting industry. Its products were built upon the creativity of more than 20 international designers, working together to make Vibia a leading European lighting designer.

Today, there is a growing community of over 100,000 professionals working for Vibia, and products are being distributed all over the world through its subsidiary in New Jersey (USA) and in other locations in 80 countries.

The Vibia Craftsmanship

Vibia strongly believes that “through light we perceive the landscape, architecture and the spaces we inhabit, stimulating our senses and perceptions”. This is why they design lighting solutions that not only brighten up an interior, but also improve people’s relationship with their surroundings, and between visual and emotional well-being.

This is made possible by Vibia’s collaboration with professionals who made it their business to not only imagine and create visually appealing spaces, but also share their concerns about them, providing insights as to the kind of solutions that will appeal to clients the world over. Vibia works closely with interior designers, artists, architects and lighting designers to develop new ideas for improved living.

With a passion to create lighting fixtures that inspire and delight, the company continues to explore new horizons, while maintaining balance within the Vibia ecosystem, where creativity and innovation matter.

The company continues to develop world-class products for its clients all over the world. They offer a huge selection of contemporary fixtures, instantly recognisable with its neutral and calming colour palette, and finishes in black, chrome and white opal glass. There is also a choice of energy-efficient lighting.

Vibia’s wall art lighting collection, on the other hand, is designed to showcase the beauty of an artwork by creating dramatic shadows, and introducing different lighting configurations. Vibia also has online tools that stimulate and bring lighting professionals together to develop ideas and generate spaces with the right illumination.

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