When it comes to interior design, so many elements are needed to create a cohesive environment that soothes the eyes and all other senses. Comfortable furniture to make a room inviting. Luxurious lighting fixtures to add sophistication and elegance. Beautiful textiles and fabrics to create a tactile experience.

Good thing you can get all of these from one brand – Twils, renowned for creating coordinated textiles and cushions that will bring harmony to any interior when thrown together.

The Twils History

Twils was founded by the Carnieletto siblings who embodied the brand down to the last detail. The brand name is an acronym of the initials of their names - Tiziano, Wilma, Luisella and Simone. They each shared the creativity, enthusiasm and expertise that brought Twils to the forefront of interior design and the furniture industry.

The company has over 20 years of experience in the business of bed linen, upholstered beds and accessories. It was in 2013 when the family of entrepreneurs decided to extend their range from the bedroom to the living area. Today, it produces its own original lifestyle collection that includes multi-purpose furniture and modular panelling.

The Twils Craftsmanship

The Carnieletto have a passion for design and trends that pushes them to evolve over the years, not only anticipating trends, but also setting them. They are committed to research and develop functional solutions and advanced aesthetics, which the brand personifies. Every product introduced to the market is reflective of the family’s personal commitment.

Their passion in finding innovative solutions in the textile department has led them to produce items that bring together various areas of the home, instead of delineating them.

At the Salone del Mobile in 2013, Twils launched the Set project by Studio Viganò. It showcased to the world the beauty of tearing down stiff divisions in the home. The project features a modular panelling system that served as a backdrop, and a system of chairs that allow for several ways of customisation, giving you the freedom to arrange it according to your definition of relaxation. It also came with complements that brings together the various elements into one unified whole.

As what Twils said, “We want to do more than just provide solutions for your practical needs, we want to give shape to your dreams…make wishes come true but also provide the answers to everyday needs, with complete, comprehensive and flexible solutions”.

If you want only the best for your bedroom and living area, it should be the Twils way or no way at all.

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