Leolux was founded by brothers Jan and Ton Sanders in 1948. Its authenticity and craftsmanship, which spanned for over 75 years, started with a decision to buy a small furniture company.

The brothers started with classic pieces, until they decided to follow in the footsteps of Danish and Italian designers, and embraced modern furniture. It was then that Leolux was born. The brand was derived from Leo, which means lion, and luxury, which is often identified with the modern and contemporary.

Leolux established its first design centre in 1964 in the Netherlands, where the brand became a household name, and a key player in the furniture manufacturing industry. The company also gained a reputation for their distinctive design that are always reliable, durable, high quality and, most importantly, comfortable.

Fast forward to today, Leolux has built a collection under three sphere segments – Sculptures, Roots and Silver, with each one having a character that makes them unique. Sculptures are pieces with a distinctive design made for the international scene, Roots are dubbed as living furniture, and Silver for luxury and extra high comfort.

Clients who want to get a look and feel of Leolux’s masterpieces can check out Via Creandi (the road of creation), the company’s visitor’s centre.

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