Top Reasons to Incorporate Hydro-Massage into Your Life

Almost everyone knows the many benefits of getting a massage for the mind, body and spirit, but you can get more with a hydro-massage which is a spa treatment that uses high pressure water jets in place of a masseuse’s pair of hands. Unlike standard whirlpool tubs or Jacuzzi, the jets in hydro-massage are more powerful and the water is warmer.

Relieves stress - Imagine soaking in a hot tub and getting a massage at the same time after a long day at work.This is exactly what a hydro-massage can provide.It is shown to reduce mental stress and physical tension because warm water can reduce the secretion of stress-related hormones, such as cortisol.Studiesalso showed that soaking in a tub with water of 1020F for 25 minutes will help you relax and feel less anxious.

Relieves pain - Regular hydrotherapy sessions are believed to reduce chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia, arthritis and other conditions, because it improves circulation, delivering vital nutrients and oxygen to muscle tissues.The jets can also massage injured, sore or tense areas of your body.

Improves sleep - Ever wondered why soaking in warm water before bed makes you sleepy? This is because the body’s internal temperature rises during the warm bath and then drops afterwards, telling your body to get ready for sleep. If the bath is accompanied with gentle massage, the more restful your sleep becomes.

Improves cardiovascular conditions - A hydro-massage is considered a useful tool for people with heart conditions because it can increase heart rate without increasing the blood pressure. This results in heart muscles that are more efficient in pumping blood.

Moreover, hydrotherapy sessions promote holistic and spiritual healing. Not only does it relieve physical pain and aches, but also rejuvenates the mind and gives you a sense of well being. This is why a hydro-massage should be incorporated in your life.

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