Computer desks need to do one thing right; they need to increase your productivity without sacrificing on ease of use. There have been countless ways for designing these in the past, with rolling drawers that would accommodate the keyboards or raised surfaces to place your monitor on top of. This is all neat and very useful, but we at FCI London want to bring you the most innovative products out there and we do so by carefully picking pieces made from different manufacturers. We love simplicity and so do people who want to get things done without any distraction, so we strived to gather as many pieces as possible that could bring in enough features without losing their inherent ease of use.

An ideal computer desk isn't just good-looking, it needs to provide you with drawers and shelves that keep things organised without getting in the way. There are a few ways to do this and the products that we have on display at our showroom are varied in look and feel, but they never lose sight of what's truly important to the modern person: using technology to facilitate our lives, instead of complicating them. This is easy to envision but hard to achieve. We believe we've found a great balance between beauty and practicality.

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