We at FCI London offer some of the best mattresses you can find in the industry, with all kinds of materials being used: memory touch, box springs, latex, wrapped springs, and more. We take pride in providing accurate consultation to our clients, so that they always know what kind of material does what and what kind of advantages does it have over any other. We always make sure our mattresses come from the most reputable sources, with the materials used being of the highest quality possible. You can order some of our mattresses directly on our website, while some others must be ordered in advance, in order to fit your frame perfectly.

If you have time, you can visit our showroom and try them out to understand the difference. All of our products are very comfortable, with none of them being of inferior quality to any other. The only difference lies in what kind of properties these materials possess, especially when comparing different memory foams. Some of these products are better suited for heavier persons for example, while some others support those who are easily dissatisfied with softer mattresses, because of how much one can sink into them.


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