We have been designing and specifying contemporary and modern TV units for more than 3 decades and understand how to put these systems together to maximise the benefit to our clients and minimise the cost.

TV units are becoming more and more popular recently . There was a phase a few years ago when people were just pacing their TVs on the wall and leaving the entire wall blank. Whilst in certain scenarios this worked OK, in most homes it created a real eyesore and often made the entire room feel a little bleached. When deciding on a TV Unit / wall unit solution, there are a number of things to consider. Functionality, size, positioning, colour, finish, brand, cost, style, quality & portability.

The fine details and golden rims around the products do not feel like they are over the top in their conception, but rather, they add a bit of personal touch to something that would otherwise look great, but fairly in line with other products. Instead, what Armond did is he took all of his personal expertise in the matter and put it to good use on pieces that not only tell his story but also that of the wider audience. Have a look for yourself, you wouldn't believe what great changes fine details can make in the overall impression one gets from a certain object.

We always recommend that our clients pop into the showroom and sit with one of our design team to work on a design together. we’ve been designing beautiful contemporary TV units for a long time and can usually add a lot of value to the process.

All you need to do is to take some measurements of the entire room (not just the wall where you want to house the unit) and some photos & a short video of the room and come into the showroom. If you can, please call and book an appointment with one of our design team; that way you won’t be kept waiting if we’re busy.

In addition to the measurements of the room, please take rough measurements of the items that you need to house in the unit - please include your sky box, DVD player, woofer, AV system, any other AV equipment, and specific books that have to be displayed etc. The more information you bring with you, the more fruitful the session will be.

We are big on functionality, so we always tackle that subject first. We’ll start by asking you to look at a few examples of TV units, or you could do this before you pop in. Once we have understood the layout that you like, we’ll start going through your items list to ensure that functionality the layout works. This part can be quick or take a while, depending on how many amendments we have to make to the initial layout. We always aim to not only house the items that you have on your wish list but also allow additional space for future items.

The colour and finish of your contemporary wall unit is obviously also very important; if you are planning to redesign your room, please speak to our design team about our interior design service. We can help with the space planning, flooring, window treatments, wallpapers and room colours, furniture and accessories. We offer a unique 3D design service that can help you visualise what your room will look like, once the project is completed.

The size of the final design will vary depending of your wall of course but the reason we ask you to bring measurements for your entire room is that we quite often suggest repositioning the TV Unit; to move your sky point and a few power sockets is not a big deal if the end result is better use of the space.

If you’re not redesigning the entire room, the TV unit has to match with your existing furniture and colour scheme. Again, this is where we can help, if you bring images and a video with you.

We work with a number of TV unit brands including Logo, Presotto, Tomasella, Jesse, EmmeBi and Novamobili. They are all extremely high quality brands using only the best materials. They all have different styles and different components and once we understand your particular requirements, we can select the system that is most appropriate for your needs. Because we are an independent business, we are not locked into any one supplier. We always have our client’s best interests at heart and will select the supplier who offers the best fit in terms of budget and style.

All of the brands offer a huge array of lacquer finishes; both matt and gloss. Wood veneer and open pore wood finishes are also available in addition to coloured glass, smoked glass and mirror finishes.

We really understand TV unit design as we have been doing it for many years. We have a number of TV units on display that are available for immediate delivery. For more information on these, please have a look at our clearance furniture section. We also offer a range of prices and can play around with finishes and materials to achieve your target price.

The design can also be adjusted to meet a specific budget if needs be - units that are minimalist are obviously less expensive than units that are "fully loaded".

We have a world class fitting team that will carry out the installation of your unit. Have a look at what our clients say about our installation team here. They know our products intimately and understand how to respect our client’s homes and carpets!

If you let us know at the point of order, we can even arrange to hook up your AV equipment for you (not including specialist equipment), but please bear in mind that there is a charge for this.

It’s also worth knowing that all of our TV units are portable, so if you decide to move, your unit can move with you.

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