As we approach the end of the year, interior design professionals and homemakers will be starting to turn their attention to the year ahead. With each year comes an abundance of new trends, but it’s picking out what works for you and what won’t date quickly that’s important.

Trends are rightfully named trends for good reason – some stick around for a few years, some just a few months. It’s the way in which you translate the latest trends that counts, to ensure you create interior schemes that will stand the test of time while embracing the latest trends.

Read on to discover our full guide to 2019 interior design trends, as well as our tips to ensure your updates won’t date quickly…

1) Warm Spiced Tones

Dulux have announced their colour of 2019 – Spiced Honey. Selected to reflect the positive mood of the moment, this rich and inviting shade is a warm amber tone that feels uplifting, yet calming.

Draw inspiration from this trend in 2019, and continue the reflection of positivity, openness and strength as we start to become more openminded and diverse as a nation. Search for items that have that feel good factor, with a variety of textures, raw and natural materials softened with tactile pieces.

Top tip: Spiced Honey isn’t a shade that will date quickly. If you love this one, feel free to use it liberally, and pair it with different shades to create either a soothing space, cosy or vibrant.

2) Matte Black

Matte Black is said to be the new grey for 2019, and it’s safe to say we’re a little relieved. This refreshing trend is bolder, edgier and braver than grey, and it provides the perfect mix up that we need to step away from the midway neutrals.

Black creates a sense of drama and contrast in the home. It helps to ground, and make contrasting features pop in a way that grey never could. Try introducing black subtly at first. Update picture frames to matte black, swap a wood sideboard for one painted black, or update your current sideboard by painting it yourself. Add an industrial style floor lamp in matte black and introduce the shade into soft furnishings.

Top tip: The monochrome trend is set to stay, so don’t be afraid to invest in a few key pieces in matte black as this look won’t date quickly.

3) Clean Lines

As minimalism continues to grow in popularity, the need for clean lines and creating a feeling of space and openness grows too. While considering the flow of the space in every room in the home is key, this trend is about stripping back and ensuring that the flow alongside the visual impact of the space is just right.

Clean lines are all about beautiful and simplistic form. In 2019, this will be especially important in the kitchen. This trend doesn’t mean that you can’t be bold with colour, in fact, choosing a strong colour palette will enhance the clean lines within your home further. Think deep navy or black for your kitchen units. Opt for a sleek style with curved edges and no handles. If you can, build your kitchen storage up to ceiling height, to hide clutter and make your sleek units the focal point.


Top tip: Minimalism and maximalism come and go over the years, and are always rotating round. Work out which is right for you – do you prefer a clutter-free space or are you fond of eclectic style? If minimalism is your thing, stick to it.

4) Raw and Natural Materials

For some time now, natural materials within the home have been becoming more popular. Influenced by the sustainable movement, this trend is translated in home décor through the use of unfinished wood, reused pallets, railway sleepers and scaffolding, and is set to be even bigger in 2019.

Synonymous with the Scandi and boho looks, this style isn’t just communicated through furniture, but also fabrics and finishes too. Think macramé wall hangings,  textured cushions, jute rugs and woven pouffes. For accessories, add a sleek walnut bowl to your coffee table and floor standing house plants presented in woven belly baskets.

Top tip: Strip this look back a little. With a focus on sustainability, this style doesn’t call for clutter.

2019 is set to be an exciting year for design. If you’re looking for further inspiration for interior design projects in 2019, visit our showroom. Based in London, we are one of the largest designer furniture showrooms in the UK, with 700 furniture brands under one roof.

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