5 Easy Affordable Ways to Give Your Home a Makeover

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Over the last couple of years, many of us have experienced a touch of cabin fever in some form or another. We’ve been in lockdown, converted spare rooms into WFH offices and, on the whole, spent more hours inside than out. So, if you feel like your surroundings are looking a little tired or you need a change of scene, perhaps it’s time for a makeover.

5 Easy affordable ways to give your home a makeover

We get that refurbishing can be a daunting task. Especially if you’re on a tight budget. But, while we certainly don’t advocate skimping on the important stuff like luxury sofas, there are many ways of making big differences with little details. Here are 5 easy ways to modernise your home without it costing you a fortune.

Celebrate Colour

A fresh coat of paint will make a massive difference to your aesthetics. In fact, it could be ground-breaking. So give your choices some serious thought before you rush out and buy a tin of canary yellow. Sticking to monochrome tones will create a timeless look that will be in vogue for years. And, with 2022’s palette focused on natural shades including cream, warm whites, beige, caramel, tan, terracotta and green, there are plenty of options. Consider adding an accent wall to your sitting room or incorporate layers of complementary colours with cushions and throws. If you want to include an eye-catching, biophilic pattern, think out of the box and find something fun from Arte wallpapers.

Glam Up Your Glow

Take a room from ordinary to dazzling by installing the right lighting. It has the power to change the tone, ambience and mood of any space, instantly. An elegant floor lamp placed strategically next to an accent chair will create a sophisticated reading nook. Or find a spectacular chandelier and glam things up - the Alchemy Butterfly by Giorgio Collection is an absolute showstopper.

5 Easy affordable ways to give your home a makeover
5 Easy affordable ways to give your home a makeover

Shear The Shag

Area rugs are a sure-fire way to bring a room together, creating a sense of warmth and inclusivity. So it’s time to toss out your retro shag carpet and invest in something sleek and new. Hot-off-the-press brands like Knot & Loop will give you free rein on any pattern, colour, size or shape you can dream of. So think big, get your creative juices flowing and design something fabulous.

Go a Little Green

Bring the outside in, purify your air and get a little zen with plenty of shrubs. It’s a wonderful way to infuse a sense of well-being, connect with nature and add a touch of charm. The perfect planter will make all the difference, so find something that enhances your colour scheme and genre. And, whether you have green fingers or not, grow something splendid - edibles are trending right now.

5 Easy affordable ways to give your home a makeover
5 Easy affordable ways to give your home a makeover

Add Audacious Accessories

Accessories make the world of difference to any room adding texture, contrast and tasteful points of interest. Here are 5 options that will revolutionise your perspectives without breaking the bank – so pick a few or go all out and get the lot.

1. Cushions: Nothing adds a pop of colour and pizazz quite like a plush cushion. So whether you’re refurbishing a bedroom, lounge or study, find a variety of shapes, weaves and complementary colours, and mix and match to create sophisticated layers.

2. Throws: Wonderful in winter for those chilly nights, throws can add elegance and class to any aesthetic. Find gentle patterns in interesting fabrics that elevate your sofas and curtains, and make sure you position them flawlessly. You’ll find some great tips in our article on how to style a sofa. Interior Designer Advice on How to Style a Sofa (fcilondon.co.uk)

3. Mirrors: Not only do they bring light and depth to a room, but they also have the ability to make it look a whole lot larger, so if you’re working with a small space, the bigger the better. And remember that not all mirrors have to be hung. We adore this oval Olmi offering by Tonin Casa.

4. Vases: Placed on a coffee table, side table, mantlepiece or sideboard, there’s nothing more lovely than a vase full of freshly cut flowers. Frato Interiors have a to-die-for range that will suit every taste, so check them out. 

5. Artwork: Whether it’s a nostalgic, beautifully framed photo montage, a striking abstract painting or a sculptural piece, investing in art is always worthwhile. Pick out works that catch your eye and make them the epicentre of your room.

5 Easy affordable ways to give your home a makeover
5 Easy affordable ways to give your home a makeover

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