How Does Good Office Interior Design Improve Employee Motivation?


FCI creates Modern, Imaginative, and Beautiful Office Interiors.

At FCI, our interior designers are experts in Office and Home Office interior design. In recent years, the positive impact good interior design has on employee wellbeing has been proven.

Although the appearance and feel of an office design are important, at FCI we acknowledge that the office also has an effect on our emotional happiness and even our physical health.

Whether you work from home or you sometimes bring work home, you need a room where you can be by yourself to be able to concentrate. A home office gives you that chance. And, as it happens in the case of any office regardless of where it is and what it’s used for, it’s important to feel comfortable in there.


People often believe that space of work isn’t worthy of a sense of style or good interior design. However, it's far more likely that you’ll be able to work more effectively when you’re in a space with sophisticated interior décor. To create a luxurious and chic décor for your office, the help of an experienced interior designer will take the stress away and allow you to make the most of the space you have.

We advise an office too to remain elegant and to feel sophisticated but without being intimating and overly imposing, for example opting for wood as a main material.interior-design-conference-table

However, we recognise many important meetings and potential decisions will be made in the office, which is why we have a wide variety of desks and conference tables such as the table pictured on the right by Uffix. Designed to please the modern needs of the managerial environment, Amazon express is an absolute aesthetic asset and a vital design. The “Texture” effect of the essences as well the neutral colours of the crystal desktop with the columns in aluminium, enhances pleasingly the linearity of the arrangements.

Wood-panelled walls are a very beautiful detail in any interior. They add warmth but also style to a room. The furniture you choose needs to be, primarily functional and practical. But don’t disregard style. So, go with something formal, preferably traditional.

Choose elegant designs with detail as this will make furniture stand out in the office without being distracting. This will improve concentration and in turn motivation. The lighting is vital in an office as a well-lit room can keep you awake for longer and give the room an all-over brighter feel, so a chandelier would be an excellent choice. A floor lamp can also be a great decision. Of course, it all depends on many factors such as space, style, function, and personal preferences. Therefore, all our interior designers endeavor to understand not only your own personal design philosophy but your office and team's approach to the work and the interior design of your office.

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